Julien Issoulié, DTN of French swimming, draws “a positive assessment” of the world championships

“Julien Issoulié, what is your assessment of these World Cups?
It is a positive result. Overall, everything went well, everything smiled when I could smile. There is still room for improvement in many places, especially in technical aspects such as twists or season planning. In the management of the framework, however, we have passed a course. Then, it’s pretty logical compared to what we saw happening. We had young people starting to come in, we knew they would get better and our density was going to grow a little bit. It is progressing well and creating density. There are two years left, we will have to align the wagons well.

Has a dynamic been created?
I think the emulation earlier in the week allowed everyone to go one step further. For us, it is very encouraging to see this density in these finals. Then you still have to put things in perspective, there were a few athletes who weren’t at their best yet because there are the Commonwealth Games, there were a few absentees, you still have to stay well measured there- for about.

But in any case, in the dynamics, the density, is very positive. We will have more or less normal seasons, I hope that in 2023 and 2024 this will allow us to plan better. There is the World Championship that we will have to integrate in 2024 to classify the relays, so maybe we will try to modify the 2022-2023 season to make it as similar as possible to the next one. There will be training sessions together, because it is true that what we saw in Canet created a dynamic between coaches and athletes.

“All these young people have a little bit of that freshness, that little touch of madness that makes them look forward to coming to swim.”

Did Léon Marchand start something?
In general, quite discreetly, it is not the swimmer who makes a lot of noise. But he came in and set the bar pretty high right away, and that’s driving something for everyone. Everyone believes it is possible. If we rewind, last year we expected him to do the A standards to go to Tokyo, he had surpassed a milestone. There, he irons a very large one. It shows everyone that it is possible by having a good program, a good training, being serious, well focused. Everyone can progress and I think that has helped everyone else progress.

How did you find it during these worlds?
The possibility we have is that he is very young and very fresh. He is impressed by what he does every time, he also has that freshness or that candor in what he does. I think it’s super inspiring. Then when we see Maxime (Grousset, silver over 100m and bronze over 50m) Who makes the catch, all these young people, you should not just point to Léon, they have a little bit of that freshness, that little bit of madness that makes them excited to come and swim. Sorry, I think of Yohann (Ndoye Brouard) for example who wants to swim everything. They really have that freshness and this is the best engine for them. We’re going to feed them, make them a little tickle from time to time, but they’re very determined even though they look young and sometimes a little crazy.

“Léon Marchand is in the hands of someone used to managing this type of phenomenon”

How will Léon Marchand handle the sequel?
We have the possibility that it is quite far from France (trains in the US with Bob Bowman), so it will be quiet. It is in the hands of someone accustomed to managing this type of phenomenon, he will also know how to distinguish between what is important to Léon. Talking to him, I think he has a pretty clear view of the plan he wants for him and all the levers of improvement they both have.

We are not too worried about Leon’s management. Then we hope he’s not too in demand, because I think he’s really looking forward to going to the end of his swimming project, before he thinks about anything else and when I see how determined he is, the race sequence, I think he can want to do even more, so we have to see it. There is someone around to inspire her (Phelps) but I think in my opinion he will want to do a little more.

What did the presence of Bob Bowman bring?
We saw where we had weaknesses, where we could improve. Bob is strong when it comes to managing the race sequence. For us, it doesn’t often happen to have here and there, we immediately saw how he organized it. I think it also inspires everyone to say to themselves that it is possible to move forward, that we can do this by managing this moment well, this transition between events; So these are things that will 1) mark and 2) help us improve. »

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