Julien Hériteau (ASM Clermont three-quarter centre): “Professionalism at all levels”

Julien, what are your first impressions since your arrival in Clermont?

I was very well received by my new colleagues and all the staff. In the field, we immediately got to the heart of the matter. It was hard, with such strong heat and quite difficult physical preparation. In Tignes, thanks to the complementary activities, I was able to get to know my teammates better by doing things other than rugby. This made it possible to create a bond in great conditions.

Here at Clermont we feel professionalism at all levels of the club. Everything is very square. Nothing is left to chance. This is perhaps the biggest difference to my old clubs.

Why did you feel the need to leave Toulon?

I was coming to the end of my contract at the RCT. The opportunity presented itself to come to Clermont. It was hard to say no.

premium ASM Clermont passes the quarter at the start of a new week of preparation

What was the speech of the leaders and staff of Clermont??

I was told that the club was looking for a player who was very involved in the defense. It is a sector that I appreciate. They needed someone to guide their peers a little in this area. Someone who communicates a lot because it’s important to talk. I also think that I am a player who plays with his teammates, who likes to pass.

On a personal level, your end of the season at Toulon was very satisfying with nine starts in a row…

It was definitely my best moment in Toulon. First because I finally managed to string the matches together. I was feeling better and better. There were also results with the team.

I appreciated even more that I had not been spared from injury until then (Editor’s note : injuries to both shoulders in rapid succession and fracture of the face at the end of last year). I finished in good shape and I hope to start again with the same dynamic.

premium Jono Gibbes, ASM Clermont coach: “Changing things”

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Precisely these injuries, repeatedly, are now a thing of the past??

They had caused some apprehension. I did a lot of muscle building work. I have also greatly refined my grappling technique over the past few months. When do we make the right gesture, when do we engage the shoulder correctly?; the risk of injury is reduced accordingly. When we play in the center, we have to face a lot. It is important to have good gesture technique.

You will play alongside George Moala. What inspires you in your new partner?

Having faced him several times, it is better to play with him than against him. He is a player who constantly puts the team forward, who creates gaps. I can’t wait to play alongside him.

Organic Express:
27 years Born on September 12 in Auch
Successive clubs: SU Agen (2014-2019), 60 Top 14 and European Cup matches, 51 starts, 5 tries.
RC Toulon (2019-2022), 46 games, 37 starts, 8 tests.
selection 1 as a substitute against Australia, 17 July 2021 (21′).

Didier Cros

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