Jubilee Ouedraogo-Picamoles-Trinh-Duc: discover the five-star list of players present

The day is approaching D. Fulgence Ouedraogo, Louis Picamoles and François Trinh-Duc, three giants of French rugby trained in Montpellier, will step on the grass for the last time this Saturday 30 July. The three friends have invited nearly a hundred players to Sabathé, the stadium where it all began, for a jubilee that promises to be crazy.

The party promises to be beautiful, very beautiful. This Saturday, July 30, Fulgence Ouedraogo from Montpellier, Louis Picamoles and François Trinh-Duc are organizing a jubilee to celebrate the end of their career almost 18 years after their professional debut. From 3 to 7 p.m., the three former French internationals will meet the public at the Sabathé stadium in Montpellier, where it all began.

Each will be captain of a team for a total of about one hundred players. The list of participants is five-star level. It features former and current internationals, nationally known teammates, friends and even athletes from other places like Michaël Guigou. Here are the three XXL groups, with some playing in multiple teams:

Team Fulgence Ouedraogo

First lines: Sébastien Petit, Micha Nariashvili, Olivier Diomandé, Vincent Giudicielli, Enzo Forletta, Christian Califano, Frédéric Benazech, Nicolas Puig, Hervé Grégoire-Mazzocco.

Second lines: Thibaut Privat, Florian Verhaeghe, Mickaël De Marco, Nouchi.

Third lines : Alex Tulou, Masi Matadigo, Damien Chouly, Sébastien Galtier, Jharay Russell, Alexandre Bécognée.

Hinge : Ilian Perraux, Sebastien Buada, Louis Foursans, Poyaud.

centers : Rickus Lubbe, Vincent Martin, Paul Vallée, Arthur Vincent, Yvan Reilhac.

Extremities – backs : Yoann Huget, Timoci Nagusa, Pierre Berard, Nicolas Jeanjean, Benjamin Fall, Yannick, Anthony Bouthier, Vincent Rattez, Alexis Palisson, Sébastien Logerot.

François Trinh-Duc, Louis Picamoles and myself are pleased to invite you to our jubilee, on July 30th!??

All funds will be donated to the association ????? ?? ???? ?
The different points of sale \u2199\ufe0fhttps://t.co/04Qi2iL1h2 pic.twitter.com/Vi5QcDJKAP

— Fulgence Ouedraogo (@FufuOuedraogo) May 5, 2022

Team of François Trinh-Duc

first lines : Sebastien Petit, Joan Caudullo, Xavier Chiocci, Fabien Rofes, David Attoub, Dimitri Swarzewski, Baptiste Benazech, Jimmy Jaen.

second lines : Romain Taofifenua, Thibaut Privat, Gonçalo Uva, Jocelino Suta, Guilhem Guirado.

Third lines : Vassili Bost, Kélian Galletier, Dénis Técles, Alexandre Roumat.

Hinge : Louis Carbonel, Julien Tomas, Antoine Gibert, Sébastien Tillous Borde, Teddy Iribaren, Damien Delmonte.

centers : Santiago Fernandez, Rémi Lamerat, Geoffrey Doumayrou, Sylvain Mirande, Jean-Baptiste Dubié, Nicolas Gros, Victor Trinh-Duc.

wings : Jacques Boussuge, Yohan Audrin, Sébastien Logerot, Teddy Thomas, Mickael Guigou, JB Ferrer, Anthony Pranovi, Mathieu Escudero.

later : Jean-Mathieu Alcalde, Pierre Bérard, Romain Buros, Pierre Trinh-Duc, Robin Solana.

Louis Picamoles Group

first lines : Sébastien Petit, Enzo Forletta, Uini Atonio, Guilhem Guirado, Peato Mauvaka, Mickael Vincent, Jimmy Jaen, Jefferson Poirot, Clément Maynadier, Jean-Baptiste Poux, Micha Nariashvili.

second lines : Nouchi, Iosefa Tekori, Julien Ledevedec, Michel Macurdy, Grégory Lamboley.

Third lines : Yannick Nyanga, Didier Chouchan, Yacouba Camara, Sébastien Galtier, Jérôme Vallée.

Hinge : Bezoui, Sylvain André, Maxime Lucu, Mathieu Jalibert, Guillaume and Vincent Grimoin.

centers : Sofiane Guitoune, Florian Fritz, Adrien Lunes, Jean-Baptiste Dubié, Yannick Jauzion.

wings : Vincent Clerc, Vincent Rattez, Jacques Boussuge, Sébastien Kuzbik, Yves Donguy.

later : Cédric Heymans, Nans Ducuing, Robin Solana.

Practical information

Tickets for the Jubilee of Ouedraogo, Trinh-Duc and Picamoles are on sale in Montpellier at the MHR store, at Les Vedettes, La Maison Vieillie France, Chez Bebelle, Espace Renaissance or RugbyStore restaurants. The site has a price of €5, single price. The profits will go to the benefit of the “Comme un ruck” association.

There will be no ticket sales on D-day, more information at https://comme-un-ruck.fr or at the online box office https://jubile.camatau.com/box office/show/56/251

Each team will have a special shirt that reviews the career of their captain.

Louis Picamoles with his number 8 and the colors of his different clubs.

Fulgence Ouedraogo, the eternal number 6 of the MHR.

Fulgence Ouedraogo, the eternal number 6 of the MHR.

François Trinh-Duc and his number 10.

François Trinh-Duc and his number 10.

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