joint interview with Porsche TAG Heuer drivers in Monaco

After the success of the double in Mexico (Wehrlein ahead of Lotterer, editor’s note), do you believe in Porsche’s chances of a world title this season? Or rather in 2023?

Pascal Wehrlein: The title is really a goal for this year. We showed that we had a very good level of performance. We are in a good position in both championships, drivers and teams. It’s very tight with the competition, as we know, it’s all about details. But we have a lot of confidence, we believe in ourselves and everyone is working hard. We want to constantly improve to fight for victories and the championship.

Andre Lotterer: Our goal is to play for the title this year. And, of course, do the same next season. Thanks to the new classification format, the candidates for the first positions can play ahead more often and this gives a good indication of the identity of our competitors for the title.

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Wear a TAG Heuer watch, a historic motorsport watch. What do you think of the partnership with Porsche?

Andre Lotterer: It is an association that brings together two of the most beautiful brands in the world. Putting them together is sure to work well. The Porsche TAG Heuer, as a driver, is iconic. I’ve been a fan of both brands since I was a kid. It really inspired me to try and succeed in buying my first watch, even if it was the first one, I owe it to my parents, who gave it to me when I was 18 years old.

Pascal Wehrlein: It is important to combine automotive and watchmaking, which have much in common. I think TAG Heuer and Porsche go very well together. It is an honor for a driver to represent these two brands.

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What are your favorite TAG Heuer watches?

Pascal Wehrlein: I have two connected clocks that I really like every day, for going for a run or for going to dinner. I also have the Porsche Carrera, which is great with carbon. In general, I have a preference for watches that are not too bulky because I am not the heaviest type in the world (river). Last year we received the Connected and Mexico watch, the new model, which worked for me because I won.

Andre Lotterer: In total, I have over ten TAG Heuer watches, some of which are very exclusive. The most exclusive is the Monaco V4 which is activated with belts, it is very special. I obviously have the Carrera Porsche, the Connected, one I inherited from my father, a Chronograph from the 80’s and a classic Carrera that I really like to drive. And I had a collaboration with SpaceX to have the first reissued space clock, an all-white clock. I have a preference for mechanical watches, but on race weekends I prefer my digital watch because I have access to my entire phonebook without the need for my phone.

How do you train, physically and mentally?

Andre Lotterer: In Formula E, the biggest preparation is mental, although the work of the simulator is important. In the rest of the championships, we ride from Friday to Sunday so we have time to analyze the data. In Formula E, the race day is extremely dense and the championship does not want to have telemetry to avoid the complexity of the analysis so it requires the driver to be very reactive in his approach to the race. You have to have good physical preparation, but G-forces for the neck are not a problem like in F1, except that the steering wheel is sometimes a little hard.

Pascal Wehrlein: From a physical point of view, I would say I try to be as fit as possible. At home I train twice a day, with a gym and a lot of cardio. The difficulty lies in not gaining too much weight because a rider should always be as light as possible. I work with team professionals, especially in Potsdam, near Berlin.

How could the new driving “Gen 3” of 2023 make driving more interesting?

Pascal Wehrlein: The car will be much faster, it will have more power than the current one. It will also be lighter and smaller, which is a major advantage on an urban circuit.

Andre Lotterer: It really is a big technological step forward. The car will be more agile, lighter, more powerful. There is energy recovery in the front axle which allows for better regeneration. There are also more aero, so they are very good updates.

What’s your favorite circuit from the current calendar?

Andre Lotterer: There are some interesting tracks, particularly the one in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, which is very difficult for riders, but very exciting. After all, driving here in Monaco is legendary, prestigious and really a beautiful track, I dreamed of it since I was a child. I would also say Rome, which has a very interesting route. In general, in Formula E it is possible to advance in almost all the circuits because in the race, unlike the classification, it is not possible to be driven completely. Energy needs to be managed differently at every turn and, depending on each driver’s strategies, this regularly opens up opportunities for overtaking.

Pascal Wehrlein: Probably Monaco, because you can advance in several places, at turn 1, at turn 3, after the tunnel and at Rascasse. Rome is also an interesting circuit in terms of driving. This year we will discover new routes, such as the one from Jakarta to Indonesia. In general, we run on demanding urban circuits because the walls are closed.

Interview with Richard Burgan / Photo: Porsche

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