Johan Wasserman, 17, prepares with USON Nevers pros before flying to South Africa

Every year, at the time of recovery, a handful of hopeful players are invited to prepare physically with the professional group, in USON as in all rugby clubs.

Thus, some of the promising recruits have been integrated this summer, such as the South African second line Gareth Graham or the three quarters Dylan Jaminet and Perry Mayo.

But this year an even younger face was invited. Johan Wasserman, 17 years old since January, participates in the training of the Pro D2 group. “When I was told that, I had a little trouble believing it to be honest. Until the first session, it wasn’t really concrete for me, it’s a great opportunity that I have there,” smiles the USON-educated player, son by Johan Wasserman, third row ever from 2011 to 2015.

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“I do all the parts of physical preparation as well as the “skills”, but not the sessions with contacts”, specifies the young defender, who is waiting for an important deadline. From August 8 to 28, he will participate, with the French under-18 team, in the International Series, against England, Wales and South Africa, the host country.

“I just returned from an internship in Marcoussis (at the National Rugby Centre), where we were forty players and the squad only retained twenty-eight at the end. We had two great oppositions and it went very well. I played in a band and they called me last Wednesday to tell me they booked me to go to South Africa. We all meet in Marcoussis on August 7th, to take off the next day. »

For Pretoria-born Johan Wasserman, wearing the shirt of France, where he grew up, in his home country will necessarily be a highlight. “I have dual nationality and have always lived between these two cultures. We speak Afrikaans at home. In high school and in rugby, I speak French. I have always made an effort to maintain those South African roots while living in France. Before Covid we used to go back to South Africa regularly but it must have been four years since I went. I will be able to see part of the family again as well as playing with the French national team. »

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In a year or two, the dream is to play Pro D2 with Nevers.

On his return from South Africa, Neversois should theoretically evolve, as he did last season, with the USON Crabos team. “But the club asked for a waiver so that I could improve to play as a young man from the beginning of the season. “If the FFR does not accede to this request, he will have to wait until January and his majority to play in Reichel. “And then eventually, in a year or two, the dream is to play Pro D2 with Nevers. »

Having taken all his classes at USON, from the Nivernaise Rugby School, Johan Wasserman continues to make strides in the high-level sector. “The most complicated thing, in fact, especially when you are in Nevers, is for the federation to detect and identify it. But the coaches and leaders have worked hard to make it possible. Then you have to keep working hard and, in Nevers, I have a very personalized follow-up, which allows me to move forward. »

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