Jean-Pierre Papin: “OM’s 7-0 win over OL in 1991? Then we could beat anyone”

Jean-Pierre Papin, when you played at Olympique de Marseille, was the animosity towards OL as strong as it is today?

Jean Pierre Papin. : “Absolutely not. It was the moment when OL returned to the forefront after a stage in D2 (note: Lyon was promoted in 1989). This corresponds to the great departure of Olympique “Lyonnais under Jean-Michel Aulas is a president I adore. He always defends his club even when there are storms. He has a lot of respect.”

On January 13, 1991, OM beat Lyon 7-0 at the Velodrome and you scored a quadruple. Are Marseille fans still talking to you today?

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JP.P. : “It belongs to the past but it is true that this game is still special for me. In a race, you don’t have many quadruples. madness. “

How do you explain this great effectiveness to Gilles Rousset?

JP.P. : “Because he’s my friend (laughs). We were together in the French national team and he fell twice. It was really by chance. The previous year he conceded six goals when he played for Sochaux. Then it was 7. -0 In the meantime, we made it 2-2 in Lyon where I scored again. During the OM-OL match of the following season (0-0), Raymond Domenech replaced him with Christophe Breton. two quadruples? No, not at all. I didn’t go to Gilles, he’s someone I like and we don’t bring the people we like. “

Is your first goal scored on your skylight the most significant?

JP.P. : “Yes. This is amazing. The ball bounces, I grab it by the head and put it over Bruno Ngotty. He comes back too late, and I send the ball to the top corner. “

With all the OM players, we were brothers. If you touch one, touch the other

In 1990-91, OL was not yet the club we know today but still finished fifth in the championship …

JP.P. : “I remember it was a game that was played on a Sunday afternoon at the Velodrome. Every time we played on Sunday, we scored a minimum of four goals. We had completed the average goal at the end of the season (river). At that time, “OM was a winning machine. A steamroller. Is it the best team I’ve ever played with in Marseille? We were all good. We were about 20 and it didn’t matter who played. It was the same. OM teams behind us, we had an iron defense, an iron goalkeeper, a midfield and a fire attack. “Everything went well. This is gone today. There are much more talented teams in terms of names, but none. longer this soul. With all the players, we were brothers. If you touch one, you touch the other. We love each other, that’s all. This is the most important. At that moment, we could hit anyone. “

This OM-OL is also Raymond Goethals’ first match on the Marseille bench.

JP.P. : “I only have good memories of the coach. I knew football like the back of my hand. I always had the right word to motivate and disinhibit everyone. I was super conscious and knew how to make us laugh. This cocktail worked well with us When he arrived at OM, we had the impression that he had always been at the club. When he arrived, we had inherited Milan in the European Cup draw. Milan. in two months, we will play in the same way as them ”. At first we thought it might be tricky, but in the end we worked hard, and we played better than them and in their own way (note: 1-1 and then 3-0 by OM on the green carpet). he is a coach and a person I care about. “

What had been the reaction of Raymond Goethals and Bernard Tapie after this 7-0?

JP.P. : “I don’t remember. It’s the kind of game where everyone is happy and where there’s not necessarily a speech. For us, it was just a league game. The important thing was the three points.”

What was your relationship with Bernard Tapie?

JP.P. “She was very, very good.”

Jean-Pierre Papin with Bernard Tapie.

Credit: Imago

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