Japan MotoGP’s Marc Márquez: “My reunion with Fabio Quartararo went well, it was a very honest and simple meeting”

Marc Márquez returns to a Grand Prix, in Japan, after his resounding return in spite of himself, in Aragon. On this occasion, we will remember that he was beaten by the championship leader Fabio Quartararo who lost a lot in his race for the title, while, two laps later, he was clinging to his injured Honda with the local of the stage at Motegi Taka Nakagami. The latter, injured on a right hand operated on only this Monday, was declared fit at the end of the lips and few are betting on his chances of going to the race this Sunday… Otherwise, he also ended up with a hook on the seat. of Honda for a summit meeting. He tells us everything…

Chronologically, we will begin with his visit to honda, which was not just a courtesy. We said things there between authorized people with well-defined common goals…” The past two years have not been easy for Japanese automakers due to the pandemic he begins ” It was not easy to collaborate with Japan at a distance from Europe “. But the Spaniard still has this conviction: I think Honda can win the world championship again. It’s the biggest team in the world “.

However, she is currently barely a shadow of herself… But…” I visited the HRC factory, we are constantly in touch and by email, but seeing each other in person is important, to understand how we work and to motivate each other. I met the president and all the most important people in the company. They know where they want to go, I want to help them get back to the top “.

That’s it for the bike, but you’ll also need one Marc Marquez in shape Where are we from this point of view from Aragon? ” I had some difficulties during the morning free practice in Aragon, but in the afternoon I felt better. We hope to reach a higher level in the next races “. Even so, in Alcanyís not all the boxes have been ticked…” Aragon’s goal was go miles to finish the racebut unfortunately I only did one lap so I’m very disappointed because I felt ready, I could have managed the tires in the long distance “.

Marc Marquez: Fabio Quartararo is more the one who goes above the level of his bike, which brings out the magic, as riders have done in the past. »

On the unfortunate circumstances with two collateral damage that brought him back to the pits well before the checkered flag, Marc Marquez remember: ” I was unlucky but also lucky that in both cases nothing happened to us. Anyway, I did nothing.. Now we focus on Motegi, an important race and we will continue to do our work for 2023. During the first free practice in Aragon, it was difficult for me to find the position on the bike, in one lap I can ride as I want, but I of working the muscles to maintain this style of ball for several turns “. And on this point Motegi will be less lenient than Aragon: In Motegi, it will be the first time that this we will force the right arm a lot because in the turns to the right there is a lot of hard braking and I will have to manage my physical condition well “.

Marc Marquez ends in his reunion with Fabio Quartararo from the collision at turn 3 in Aragon: ” it went well, very well, in the end it was a very honest meeting he is happy ” He told me he wanted to go from third to fourth and I made a small mistake, not too big, because the tire wasn’t at the right temperature yet and that happened. Luckily it’s fine, but overall it was a very honest and straightforward encounter. “.

He also takes the opportunity to assess his chances in the current race for the title that he still leads, but with narrower gaps for reasons we know…” Fabio is always in front, it depends on him and I think there will be very good circuits for him. In Aragon, which is one of his weak circuits or where he didn’t do well, I think he was fighting for the podium “. And concludes: “Fabio is more the one who goes above the level of his bike, who brings out the magic, as riders have done in the past when there was a championship to play for, and I think it will be interesting. “. There is a touch of nostalgia in this assessment of Marc Marquez at gpone?

In any case, this weekend he wants to put all his chances on his side, even calling on fortune…” Yes, especially since we’ve been out since 2019. At Shoei, I was told about the lucky cat, a ritual that is also done with lucky gadgets, and I said, “Well, if it’s a lucky charm, then I’ll take it here because we haven’t been successful in recent years.”


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