“Jaminet is taking a real risk! »

When he arrived at the Stade Tolousain in 2001, coming from Agen, Canal + consultant Cédric Heymans also had a new international status to take on and strengthen. Therefore, he knows the mechanisms that can allow Jaminet to win. Or not.

A year before the World Cup, what inspires you to choose Jaminet?

Clearly you are taking a risk! He has talent, he has expressed it significantly for a year and a half, we know his great qualities, except that he will discover a new environment that could disturb him. I’m in a good position to talk about it, I’ve been there before him. I was also international when I arrived at the Stadium at the age of 22, and I can tell you that the beginnings were difficult. Not because of the context, because the atmosphere in the dressing room has always been excellent, and it will surely be very well received like me, and it will evolve in a very reassuring and stabilizing environment, but it must be prepared. for great competition.

Obviously when you join a club the size of the Stade Tolousain!

He knows that there will be competition and that he will have to be 120% to want to play, but he will have to learn to manage the turnover: once I play, once I don’t play, once I play aside, once I play, once I don’t play, once I play sideways. once behind … This change of state can cause periods of doubt. Also up front is Ramos, a hellish, well-hitting competitor who knows the club like the back of his hand with his six years of experience at the stadium.

Cédric Heymans gives some advice to Jaminet

Therefore, one must be prepared to play in a place other than behind.

Obviously because the rotation will also lead Ramos to play at 10, to blow at Ntamack, and Jaminet can also be found on the sidelines. If I had any advice to give you, it would be to not reject this challenge of versatility. First because it will move you forward, then because it is essential if you want to integrate into the operation and mood of the club. I think he is ready for that.

Looking ahead to the World Cup, is that good news for him?

In the long run, I have no doubt that it will reap all the benefits. Next season, it will all depend on his ability to stay focused on his game, not to panic every time he is not in the group, or that the media will find in his possible absences a reason to doubt him. , of his future in the French team. He will move from USAP, where he was one of the leaders, and even from the French national team, where his status as a scorer gives him a privileged position, to a player among others from the staff of the Stade Toulousain who will have from earning a place each week to training.

“He will be a player among others in the squad who will have to earn his place each week in training”

What makes you believe you will accept the challenge?

First his talent, then his mental freshness. He only has one Top 14 season left and is still learning at a very high level. His negligence will be an asset to understanding the reality of a club that is expected on all terrains of Europe. He will be permanently in the spotlight, therefore bound to be good and efficient every weekend. He needs to shield himself and his surroundings to accompany him in this psychological work.

Being in a club with your number 1 competitor among the blues, isn’t that a handicap?

No, if you agree to play the game of versatility because even with the blues is an asset that often makes a difference to join the group, even more so in the perspective of a World Cup. With Poitrenaud and Clerc we were three from the same club who claimed to occupy the same positions and this did not stop us from being called up very often. If Ramos shows that, in addition to being efficient behind, he can also play as a first half, and why not side, while scoring, has his place secured. The bets are the same for Melvyn. Therefore, he has every interest in not closing himself in on a single role, in not rejecting any challenge.

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