Investigative report describes ‘nonsensical criminal scheme’

Anonymous calls for beatings with iron bars: Investigative report into attack on PSG player Kheira Hamraoui outlines a “senseless criminal plan» Which would have been initiated by his rival Aminata Diallo for sporting reasons. The ex-partner of the victim, subjected to judicial control on Wednesday after his accusation for “aggravated violence” and “conspiracydenies any involvement. His lawyers specifically denounced “the quick bias of researchers“.

The September 16 investigative report, revealed by Le Parisien and consulted by AFP, insists on the violent personality of 27-year-old Aminata Diallo, a “young man from a sensitive city of Grenoble (Isère)“, helping his family financially and driven by a”unbreakable will” of “succeed in your career as soon as possible“. Eleven months of research convinced them of their “real hatetowards Kheira Hamraoui, to the point of wanting, according to them, to harm her in order to take her position.

The researchers point outthe role, to say the least opaque, played by various relatives of the player (…) in a slow psychological drift that has become, so to speak, pathological.“. His telephone exchanges, which date back to 2019, the sound of his car and his apartment, demonstrate, according to them, a “long sports jealousy» and reveal «disturbing personality traits“WHO”it might partly explain his involvement in this crazy criminal project“. With his close ones, Aminata Diallo believes that Kheira Hamraoui, “the other whoreit is often unfairly rewarded. Fragments of conversations chosen with subjectivity, replicates the defense of the mis in question.

Aminata Diallo evokes a friend there”lol“, imprisoned in Lyon:”she can be very mean and I don’t wish her any harm, even if I were mean, jealous and calculating like her (Hamraoui)… I say (sic) destroy her, he destroys her.“. Researchers suspect that this “Haha” is the “crow“who directed a”real smear campaign“For Kheira Hamraoui calling several PSG players anonymously”a few weeksbefore his attack on November 4, 2021. Aminata Diallo, who first said she was the recipient of his calls, later admitted she was not.

The maneuvers of César M.

For the police, the turning point could be the announcement, in October 2021, of the selection for the French team of Kheira Hamraoui: Aminata Diallo, was not selected for the Bleus. Then it would have beenblinded by the advice of an entourage consisting essentially of individuals excessively known to the police“. Among his interlocutors, a certain César M., unofficial agent of several PSG players, in particular the star Marie-Antoinette Katoto. This would not continueonly one goal, to remove from the Parisian club the people he considered undesirable“, say the researchers. The judicial information then extends, at the end of March, to the head.”organized fraud“. César M. would use “intimidation or even threats to force the club’s leaders to extend the contracts of all the players whose interests he claimed to defend“, adds the police.

This is how they see an exchange between César M. and the sporting director of the PSG women’s section as an attempt at blackmail, César M. threatening to cause a scandal around coach Didier Ollé-Nicolle. When Didier Ollé-Nicolle is the subject of a judicial investigation in May for “sexual assault by a person in authority“, Aminata Diallo greets”madness“. “We actually didn’t think it would go that far!“The lawyer for this since-replaced coach, Me Guillaume Traynard, reported a”instrumentalization of false accusations“.

” VSaffirm a patella», «cocktail of dangerous drugs»

For researchers, thistrack packis supported by the fact that a third party warned the assailants: there was no “dynamic geolocation system or beacon placed in the vehicleby Aminata Diallo, where Kheira Hamraoui was also present. But the former admitted, investigators say, to texting while driving. No messages found then. His Snapchat app has been removed, according to the report. On Aminata Diallo’s phone, Google searches found: “break a kneecap», «cocktail of dangerous drugs“. And the four defendants named her as a sponsor of the punitive expedition. One said she received 500 euros.

Investigators say they are still looking for two men: one would have committed violence and could be linked to organized crime, the other would have served as an intermediary. Aminata Diallo’s defense denounces fragile evidence and asks “fully functioningfrom your phone. She believes that “the real sponsorasked the attackers to “charge to Mrs. Diallo“.

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