Interview with Shark Pedro Acosta, 2021 Moto3 World Champion!

Red Bull debutant KTM Ajo becomes the first rider in history to win the world title in the same year as his debut at the 125cc / Moto3 World Championships.

On March 26 this year, Pedro Acosta debuted at the World Championships. Seven months later, Red Bull rider KTM Ajo won the Moto3 title at the Algarve Grand Prix. In a race to the end of the 2021 campaign, the pilot who chose the shark as his emblem he made his name in the history books by becoming the first rider to win the world title in his first season in 125cc / Moto3.

Pedro Acosta he reached the Grand Prix earlier this year and dazzled everyone, reaching the podium in the inaugural event in Qatar. One week later, the young Spaniard did even better by winning the Doha Grand Prix, leaving the pit lane and recovering by more than 11 seconds behind the race.

With subsequent victories in Portugal and Jerez, Pedro Acosta he became the youngest driver to win three consecutive victories and the only competitor to climb the podium four times in his first four World Championship appearances.

Strong performances and successes followed, Pedro Acosta winning the German Grand Prix and the Styria Grand Prix. After a victory in the Algarve GP, he won the Moto3 title with 6 victories and 2 podiums, in a race at the end of the season. During his short but successful career, he also won the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2020.

Red Bull rider KTM Ajo will move to Moto2 with the team in 2022, looking to continue his remarkable career.

Were you able to assimilate the fact of being the new Moto3 world champion?

We are still assimilating what has happened and what we have achieved. I still can’t believe it. It will take me a few days to assimilate everything. »

What thoughts came to mind during the lap of honor?

“I thought about everything that happened over the last year. The season was very difficult because at first few people believed in my ability to get to the World Cup. That’s what came to my mind when I crossed “Afterwards, I couldn’t help but cry all round.”

If you had been told at the Qatar Grand Prix seven months ago that you would win the title at the end of the season, would you have believed it?

We owe this title to the work done, because without the team I am nobody. Gradually we achieved some goals, which helped make this title possible. But above all we have achieved this thanks to the excellent work done by each member of the team. »

How does it feel to be the first rookie world champion in the category?

The truth is, I didn’t know it was that way. I don’t think about it right now either. I am still trying to assimilate everything that happened yesterday in Portugal. »

What was the key to a rookie world title?

The team. They were essential. They gave me incredible confidence, from the first tests until today. They always had faith in me and helped me with everything I needed. They never lost their smile, and that was important. My team and my personal circle are the ones who led me on the right path and made me the champion today. »

There is still one race left for the 2021 season. What was your best moment of the year?

I would say the year begins. It was amazing. I will also remember the difficult times, because we learned so much from them. I prefer to watch the season in general, because it has been great for both learning and improving. »

What has been the hardest experience for you this season?

There are races where we were close, but we couldn’t materialize, and it cost us. However, this year we have made steady progress and there has not been a moment that I can consider “bad” as such. We have had to learn from our mistakes and will continue to learn. »

What do you expect from the 2022 season, when will you switch to Moto2?

I’m waiting for the first test sessions with the bike. Although I don’t expect anything in particular, I want to keep learning and having fun on a motorcycle. I can’t wait to get to work next season. »

Pedro Acosta, Moto3 race, MotoGP of the Algarve, November 7, 2021

Pedro Acosta, Moto3 race, MotoGP of the Algarve, November 7, 2021

Pedro Acosta, Moto3 race, MotoGP of the Algarve, November 7, 2021

Pedro Acosta, Moto3 race, MotoGP of the Algarve, November 7, 2021

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