Icardi invited to “relaunch” elsewhere, Navas’ interrogation, Kalimuendo’s exit… Galtier’s market point

The Parisian coach mentioned this Thursday, in a press conference, in front of the PSG-MHSC several hot topics regarding the transfer market.

If he still does not like the name “undesirable”, Christophe Galtier does not hide that Mauro Icardi is sent off. As reported on Wednesday, the 29-year-old Argentine strikerjoined the group for the afternoon sessions. Obviously it wasn’t easy. I saw Mauro earlier this week. He was not called up by Clermont and was a sporting option. I told him that I will further restrict the group“The Parisian coach said on Thursday. And to add:The club is working closely with him to find the best possible solution. Mauro has had very little playing time in recent seasons. It is important for him to recover. Both in the interests of Mauro and the club, we must find the best possible compromise, that is to say a club where he can express his qualities, and so he has not lost everything, although it is true that it has cost him. two years At some point, from experience, changing location, finding a more favorable place allows you to relaunch your career.»

A new striker is expected this summer

A career that, therefore, should develop far from Paris, like Arnaud Kalimuendo, leaving for Rennes. We are talking about a €25 million transfer for the youngster who is coming off a good season at Lens, on loan. “Regrets? No, I’m happy for him. I knew from the beginning that he was going to leave us“, Galtier explained to the press. This does not mean that Paris, which has long been waiting for the Italian Gianluca Scamacca, who left for West Ham, is not waiting for another striker at the end of the transfer market. “We hope so, but we mustn’t be mistaken. I know the club will not take a player to take a player. It must be a real added value. The club is working hard in this position, but I cannot confirm that an attacking player will arrive at the end of the transfer window.“, explains Christophe Galtier.

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The idea remains to rely on a roster where every position would be duplicated, with versatile players in certain positions. “Up front, for example, we recruited the young Hugo (Ekitike), but Pablo (Sarabia) has such intelligence in the game that he can fill the absence of one of the three, in different registers, and he did it in his step two games (Nantes and Clermont), and before that, in preparation“, declared “Galette”, visibly seduced by the profile of Pablo Sarabia, although the latter, who returns from a loan spell at Sporting, will undoubtedly want significant playing time before the 2022 World Cup. In which Sarabia should start on the bench Saturday (9 p.m.), against Montpellier, with the announced return of one Kylian Mbappé.

If Keylor Navas agrees to be number 2? No, and luckily!

Christophe Galtier

What about Keylor Navas? If Mauro Icardi is little or no demand in the transfer market, the 35-year-old Costa Rican goalkeeper has no shortage of suitors. His No. 2 status, however, might encourage him to look elsewhere…Gigio seems accomplished to me and that’s normal when you’re called to be a number and it’s necessarily more difficult for Keylor, but he’s very efficient during training. He is a great competitor who we have to respect a lot in terms of his career, his trophies, what he has done throughout his career. I’ve made that choice, we’ll see, I’ve always said it’s the performance that will make it. There is a number 1, but number 2 can pick it up. This is also competition. As for whether Keylor accepts being number 2, no, and luckily! He has such a career that it costs him a lot… Will he leave, will he ask to leave? I know you have requests. From what I see in training, he behaves like a great professional and a very great competitor.Recruited in 2019, Navas is under contract until 2024 in Paris, like Icardi.

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