“I can be champion this year”

While having the best season of his career, Sergio Perez believes he can still beat team-mate Max Verstappen, current championship leader who has an 85-point lead over the Mexican driver.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has taken a considerable lead in the drivers’ standings, particularly in recent races, but team-mate Sergio Perez remains mathematically in the title race. When asked by our colleagues at Sport Bild if he could be champion, Sergio Pérez naturally replied: “Absolutely! If everything goes well and I drive perfectly, I can beat anyone in Formula 1. Max too, I’ve proven that several times this season.”

About his teammate, the Mexican added: “Max has incredible qualities, is extremely calm for his age and has a very good feel for the car. So the question is not whether I can beat him for a weekend, but how many races I can finish ahead of him..”

It’s a matter of regularity. I can do it, myour experience helps me. In Formula 1 I have seen almost everything. Add to that the hard work with the team and the energy I put into physical preparation, among other things. I’m in good shape. All this gives me a lot of confidence in myself. That’s why I have no doubt that I can be champion.

“We are part of the best team in the world. The amount of knowledge and talent gathered here is incredible” said the Mexican driver when asked if he had to be at Red Bull to win the championship. “With Max, I have a world-class rider as a teammate. We get along well and work together to make Red Bull successful, but of course we are also competitors. Everyone wants to be the best. We keep pushing each other to the next level. Beating Max is a big challenge.”

Although the winner of the 2022 edition of the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​having the best season of his career, he is only third currently in the drivers’ championship. During a few races, Sergio Pérez seems less comfortable in his car. He finished fourth at the French Grand Prix and fifth in Budapest as Max Verstappen won those last two rounds.

I feel great in the car, but it’s not perfect. At the start of the season I had top speed. Now we have developed the car and it no longer suits my driving style 100%. I have to adapt because it currently suits Max and his riding style better.

So I have to get used to it as soon as possible and hope that we go more in the direction we had at the start of the season. Then I can attack again. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to celebrate a title. This is exactly what motivates me. If I wasn’t in such a capable car, I probably wouldn’t be in the sport anymore.”

The Red Bull driver is now 32 years old and has a contract with the team until 2024. However, he does not envision ending his career at the end of this contract.

I’m still under contract until 2024, but I can’t imagine I’ll finish my career then. I’m too young for that and I’m still having too much fun. Although the sport requires a lot of time. But that’s right, Formula 1 is your life. And you can’t leave that behind. And yet it will not be difficult for me in the end.”

The best moments of my life have nothing to do with racing. For example, the birth of my children. But even the simple things mean a lot to me. If I can buy a taco in Mexico for 20 pesos [environ 1€] and spending time with my family, these are moments you don’t experience in Formula 1″ concluded the Mexican pilot.

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