Hope is reborn for Bordeaux, reinforced by the CNOSF while waiting for the FFF

Pending the decision of the FFF Comex, Girondins de Bordeaux have received good news from the CNOSF regarding their maintenance in Ligue 2.

Good news at last. Girondins de Bordeaux, administratively relegated to the third division, achieved their first success in their fight to stay in Ligue 2 on Monday, with a favorable opinion issued by the French Olympic Committee (CNOSF). The file should return to the table of the Federation on Wednesday. Will the six-time French champion club avoid liquidation? In economic difficulties, Bordeaux sees the hope of maintenance in L2 reborn, thanks to the conciliators of the CNOSF, urgently arrested a few days before the start of the season, scheduled for Saturday.

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Everything will be played with the FFF

In its conciliation, of which AFP obtained a copy, the CNOSF “proposes to the FFF to inform the decision of its appeal committee of the DNCG (French football’s financial police, editor’s note) of 5 July 2022“, which had confirmed the Girondins’ relegation to National, the 3rd professional level. In other words, reconsider your decision. From now on, therefore, it is up to the Federation’s Executive Committee to study the conciliation proposal. The FFF plans to gather its “comm“As of Wednesday, by a decision taken the same day, he told AFP.

If the executive committee follows the advice of the CNOSF conciliators, Bordeaux will officially remain in L2 and can start the season on Saturday against Valenciennes. But it can also be opposed by maintaining the demotion, in which case the Girondins will have to resort to the administrative contentious court, in summary, to try to wrest a favorable decision in extremis just before the start of the 2022 season. 23.

It’s already a small victory for López

The conciliation of the CNOSF is already a small victory for Gérard Lopez’s club. “It is a favorable decision, we welcome it. The relief is evident, but it is not over“, a source close to the club told AFP.

Indeed, the conciliators have done sopointed out that the plaintiff club made significant efforts to present the elements to eliminate a series of doubts (…) so that the measure imposed today seems excessive“, they indicate in their opinion. The committed”however, they intend to invite the applicant club to submit to the enhanced control of the management control commissions if they consider it appropriate to carry out during the sports season.“.

The CNOSF was thus convinced by the argument of the Girondin club, which came to defend its cause for more than three hours on Thursday in Paris through the voice of its Spanish-Luxembourgish president Gérard López. The Bordeaux leader has made multiple media appearances in recent days to try to save this imperiled monument to French football, backed locally by elected officials and local parliamentarians.

The businessman had been able to count mainly on a judgment approving his rescue plan by the commercial court of Bordeaux, which sealed the agreements made between the Girondins and their American creditors King Street and Fortress on the debt, which reduced by 75% (from 53 million). to 13.5 million euros), and the seizure of 24 million euros (10 in capital increase, 14 in guarantee of sales of players during the transfer period). Thursday’s sale of promising striker Sekou Mara, on loan to Southampton for €13 million, has also taken care of the frail finances of the club with the scapular, which now dreams of winning its race against the clock against the sports bodies For several weeks, the Girondin leaders have insisted that a relegation to the National would sign the club’s death warrant, probably forced, in the long term, to declare bankruptcy which would threaten 300 jobs.

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