his former coach Willi Weber empties the bag to the champion’s wife and her attitude after the accident

Since the 2013 ski accident of champion Willi Weber, his former coach has had no news of Michael Schumacher. The fault, according to him, of his wife Corinna Schumacher.

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Years have passed though Willi Weber he has not yet digested how his relationship with the Schumacher family ended. An 80-year-old German businessman involved in the world of sports, for which he is best known they have made a fortune thanks to Michael Schumacherseven-time world champion, whose agent was from 1988 until his retirement from the sport in 2012. In an interview with the famous Italian sports newspaper The Gazzetta dello Sport this July 19- on the occasion of the publication of his book Gasoline in the blood. Michael Schumacher, the winning horse -, the exgerent has emptied the bag and denounced the attitude of the champion’s wife, Corinna Schumacher.

Willi Weber very bitter towards Corinna Schumacher: “I didn’t expect this behavior”

That’s how he was treated by Michael Schumacher’s wife after his serious ski accident that Willi Weber can’t stand. He relied on a long interview about the strong bond that bound him to the former F1 driver and about the surprise that was the reaction of Corinna Schumacher: I did everything for Michael and always protected his privacy. I didn’t expect this behavior from him. I am still angry at how his relationship with me ended. The manager then explains how he lived his foal accident. “I was at an event that day and my phone rang. A friend told me that Michael had a ski accident, but it didn’t look bad at all. Then he told me they were taking him to Grenoble. I call his wife, she doesn’t answer. I call Jean Todt to see if it’s worth going to the hospital. He tells me to wait, it’s too early. “

The former coach of the Formula 1 champion claims to have been arrested “away” In spite of him

Admits feeling rejected: “I remember the following days and no one answers me. So I let a few days go by so as not to bother though I’m starting to understand that they want to get away from all of this. It was a huge pain for me. I tried hundreds of times to contact Corinna. I can understand the initial situation, but then I only heard lies from them. “ He also addresses Jean Todt, director of the Ferrari Formula 1 team when Michael Schumacher won five consecutive world championships: “It’s been nine years since the accident. Maybe they should say it like it really happened.” In fact, unlike Willi Weber, the Frenchman remained close to the family and in particular to Corinna, considered the leader of the clan.

Michael Schumacher’s state of health remains very mysterious

In his book, Willi Weber explains how his life changed the day he met Michael Schumacher: “I was in Salzburg and I saw this driver. It was a shock. I had never seen anyone drive a car that way. Normally drivers let the car reach top speed, but Michael was driving the car! He was driving. I thought : ‘I need this man.’ In my dreams it was like having a prince, the hero of a Wagnerian opera. ” Nine years after the accident that invalidated him for life, the state of health of the champion remains very mysterious, his family who wanted to remain discreet for all these years revealed, however, in a documentary of the last year, that Michael Schumacher was “still there but different.”

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