“Having a team like Andretti or Penske would be great”

For several years, Mario Andretti has been looking to join Formula 1. Whether with Haas, Williams or Sauber, all his attempts have ended in failure so far. However, Mario Andretti has not lost his determination and still hopes to join the ten teams already present on the grid. But, for their part, some are very reluctant to have to welcome a new person to the table. A newcomer would involve reducing the recipe pie. But despite the denial, Andretti or even Penske are still important teams on the other side of the Atlantic. Then, questioned by Sky Sports, Christian Horner does not neglect this dimension for the potential arrival of a new competitor.

Andretti, Penske, they are big names and I think it would be good to have an American team. I know we have Haas, but having a team like Andretti or Penske or one of their big names would be great personally. “announces the Team Principal of Red Bull. If the idea is attractive on paper, the British leader does not lose sight of the possible cost of this arrival.

The issue of financing this 11th team

I think the problem will always be how to approach funding. Because by including two new teams, you dilute the spoils of the 10 already presentremember the British There is no relegation or promotion system, so it will be something that the promoters, including Stefano (Dominicali), will have to justify especially to the smaller teams, why should they give up 5, 10, 15 million for the sake of ‘a new team. equipment »

The other advantage for Christian Horner with the arrival of Andretti would be to have even more cars on the grid. And who says more single-seaters potentially means more opportunities for young drivers to show themselves in Formula 1.” If you remove the economic dimension, having 24 cars on the network is good “says the leader of the Austrian team. This would also allow Christian Horner to place even more talents in Formula 1, while many drivers are currently under contract with the Red Bull Academy in Promotional Formulas (Lawson, Hauger , Hadjar, etc.)

Horner is already considering a new funding model in F1

Therefore, to try to find a compromise that favors the arrival of a new team in Formula 1, Christian Horner already has plans in mind. ” We could see it under a different model. One could imagine the scenario of a customer car with a new way of distributing the money. If they are not constructors, they could get points money or championship money, but not constructors’ money. So I could create a third payment column for a stable client and not split the constructors,the British advances. We supply gearboxes, suspensions and other parts, so why not go all the way with a new entrant. »

For now, Christian Horner’s proposal is just one idea among many others. But these statements show how much a new opening to the American market could change the minds of the 10 teams on the grid. Although some still oppose the arrival of Andretti in F1. Now all that’s left is to find the budget package that will satisfy everyone so that everyone’s slices of the pie are always bigger.

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