Hannah Schmitz explains Red Bull’s winning strategy in Hungary

Red Bull strategist Hannah Schmitz explains how the team helped Max Verstappen climb from 10th to the top step of the podium in Hungary, a victory he described as “one of the best of the season”.

Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez started from tenth and eleventh respectively on the starting grid for the Hungarian Grand Prix last Sunday. Both had soft tires while the Ferraris had chosen mediums. Speaking on the show Any Monday driven Hannah Schmitz explained to our colleagues at Sky Sports that starting the race on red rubber was not the initial plan.

So, as we were coming out of the points, maybe one of the classic strategies is to start with the harder tire and stay on track a lot longer, especially with very difficult overtaking in Hungary. So that was our planHannah Schmitz revealed.

But we had also talked a lot before the race about the slightly wet and very cool conditions, that we might consider the Tendre tire as an alternative, simply because it might be more suitable in those conditions. »

During the laps on the grid, both drivers made it clear that they didn’t have much grip despite already running on soft tyres. »

The race engineers didn’t think hard tires were a good idea. We also had a long discussion about this with Christian [Horner] and we decided to stick with soft tires. There was also a bit of rain in the air, so it was definitely the most suitable tire in those conditions. »

Our concern was whether we could make enough progress in the first stage to make it worth it, and obviously both riders made a lot of progress, so that was definitely the case.. »

Asked about the chain of command within the team and such a late decision, the strategist explained: ” We’re a team, so throughout the weekend it’s very collaborative, we listen to everyone’s different opinions and points of view because it’s not always just numbers and data. »

Drivers also have a lot of feelings in the car, so we try to take that into account. The race engineers may be looking at different data than the strategist, so we have to take all that information into account and discuss it all together. At the end of the day, it is the strategy that takes precedence with the final decision being up to us to use as much information as possible to make those decisions. »

The victory in Hungary is Red Bull’s ninth this season, eight of which have been won by Max Verstappen. Red Bull’s senior strategy engineer revealed that a ninth win was not the team’s goal at the start of the day, which made the result all the more delicious.

In fact, it is one of the best [victoires] of the seasonshe said. Only because I think starting 10th in Hungary was not what we expected. So I figured that after being able to get on the podium, P3 or P4 was the best result suggested by the simulations. »

At the end of the race, Max Verstappen praised the talent of the teams and the calmness of the strategist: ” I think we have a lot of good guys on the team and the girls too. Hanna, our strategist, was incredibly calm. Yes, she is very strong. »

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