FSBK: The French Superbike Championship returns this weekend to the Bugatti circuit in Le Mans

The French Superbike Championship, better known as FSBK-FE, finally returns from March 25 to 27 at the legendary Bugatti circuit in Le Mans. The 150 riders of the French elite of speed are received by the FFM and the Automobile Club de l’Ouest for the first of the seven stages of a long-awaited 2022 season, thanks in particular to the return of the public.


2019, 2020 and 2021 … The last three championships were won by the same man: Mathieu GINES (Yamaha Tech Solutions – Pirelli). Exceptional performance of the No. 41 Yamaha rider who has always been able to use his consistency to score a lot of points and get ahead of his opponents in the finish line. With this trajectory, GINES stands out as the new favorite for this 2022 edition.

However, two men in particular may claim the title after which they have been pursuing for several years: Valentin DEBISE (Yamaha – Michelin) i Kenny FORAY (BMW Tecmas – Michelin)respectively 2th and 3th of the last fiscal year. Without an injury having ruled him out of the circuit, DEBISE could also have claimed the title. Provisional leader, before the last stage of Alès, the Albanian, author of an exceptional season, had all the possibilities to finish the season at the top of the classification. Last winner of the FSBK-FE championship, before the GINES era, FORAY, on the other hand, had a mixed last season. Despite an honorable 3th place in the Championship, the driver of the BMW Tecmas team failed to find the regularity that characterized him in the past and thus prevail.

In short, GINES will have a lot to do to preserve its title, against its two privileged opponents DEBISE and FORAY. In addition, the three leaders of the Championship will have to face the competition of many very fast drivers, some experienced, others in development.

Axel MAURIN (Yamaha CMS – Pirelli) returns for a new season with even more ambitions, and above all a change that will mark a milestone. In fact, the Senon driver will run on bioethanol! a possible change thanks to the adaptation of the regulations by the French Motorcycle Federation.

“This is a standard box that we will add to the original box of the bike and that will take into account the calculations of the biofuel”, explains Axel MAURIN. A more than remarkable difference, because it reduces CO2 emissions by 50% and particulate emissions by almost 90%.

5th scratch last year Alan TECHER (Honda CBO Racing – Michelin) accepts the challenge with a machine that won the Challenger title in 2021. His young teammate is called Tom BERCOT (Honda CBO Racing – Michelin), he who did all his classes at FSBK-FE showing great qualities and exponential progress. The Honda CBO team is also likely to crystallize all the attention this year.

Among the most experienced, and no less talented, David MUSCAT (Ducati-Michelin) i Gregory LEBLANC (Ducati TWR – Pirelli) we will do the honor, once again, of shining this season. Which jeopardizes the GINES, FORAY and DEBISE projects. Under the colors of his own structure, Gregory LEBLANC presents himself with great ambitions, just like Maxime BONNOTreturn to the computer BMW Tecmas. Current Challenger Champion, Guillaume ANTIGA (Ducati-Pirelli) He will also be a serious competitor, driving the 25th Ducati.

In Challenger the level will be very high and it is difficult to identify a favorite. Martin RENAUDIN (Yamaha Moto & GP Addict – Pirelli) i Maximilien BAU (BMW-Michelin) who fought big battles for the Supersport 600 title during the 2019 season could do it again in 2022! They are not the only ones claiming the crown, Ludovic RIZZA (Yamaha – Dunlop)winner of the Promosport 1000, Ludovic CAUCHI (Kawasaki-Pirelli)Vice-champion of France Supersport 600 or Tom BERCOT 4th in the same category in 2021 will be interesting disadvantages. Not to mention the protégés of “Professor” Damien Saulnier (Junior Team Suzuki LMS) that this year blows its 25 candles on the slopes, Valentí SUCHET i Carles CORTOT who will play at home at the Le Mans circuit.


After his victory in 2021, Valentin DEBISE (Yamaha-Michelin) it is the favorite to succeed oneself. Crowned champion of France without participating in the last race, the Albigensian rider is back for a double season: Superbike / Supersport.

3th general and on the podium of the last 5 races of last season, Matthieu GREGORIO (Yamaha-Pirelli) changes state and intends to break DEBISE’s ambitions. The young rider will want to show off in the face of the challenge.

With Matthieu GREGORY, Kevin LONGEARET (Yamaha – Michelin), Kilian AEBI (Yamaha – Pirelli), Dylan MILLE (Yamaha – Pirelli), Adrien ROLLET (Yamaha – Dunlop) o Cedric TANGRE (Yamaha-Pirelli) and of course Thibault NAGORSKI (Yamaha-Pirelli) they will take advantage of their experience in the category to shine, from the first races at the Bugatti Circuit.

As every year in Supersport 600, very young talents join the starting grid, this is the case of the top 3 in the lower category (Supersport 300) last year, namely Florent DA CUNHA (- Pirelli)Champions, Alexy NEGRIER (Yamaha-Pirelli) 2n / a i Diego PONCET (Kawasaki-Pirelli) 3th After an enriching experience at the European Talent Cup, Mateo PEDENEAU (Yamaha – Pirelli) he should also be one of the guys to trust. Enzo DE LA VEGA (Yamaha – Pirelli), Matthieu LUSSIANA (Yamaha – Dunlop) i Lilian DI LORENZO (Yamaha-Pirelli) three experienced riders will also be among the podium contenders … The games are underway.

In Challenger, we find the favorites for the scratch classification as Matthieu GREGORIO, Kilian AEBI, Alexy NEGRIER, Diego PONCET, Matéo PEDENEAU and Florent DA CUNHA but also a long list of promising riders … Charles AUBRIE (Yamaha – Pirelli), Hugo ROBERT (Yamaha Moto & GP Addict – Pirelli), Gabin CAZARD (Yamaha – Pirelli) or even Bartholomé PERRIN (Yamaha – Pirelli) … As every year, the Challenger Championship will therefore be extremely competitive in Supersport 600.


Under the impetus of its president, Sébastien Poirier, and the president of the National Speed ​​Commission, Patrick Coutant, the French Motorcycle Federation aims to make the OGP category the springboard for the great international championships for the best French riders. The young talents of the Grand Prix Objective are therefore riding prototypes of 250cc motorcycles similar to those used in the Moto 3 category where French is evolving. Lorenzo FELLON at the World Championships.

Logically, we find drivers who have distinguished themselves in Promosport 125 and Mini OGP in recent years. Livio MIRABEL (Honda NSF) is the favorite of the season, he had won the Promosport 125 title in 2021 at the same time asEnzo CALIGNY (Erdog) Moto 5 has taken over the title. These two riders will be closely watched from the first laps of the Sarthe.

JBERCOT (Honda NSF), Jules FONTES (KTM RC4R), Evan BOXEBERGER (Honda NSF), Djanilson GOMES (Beon Yamaha), Kyle PAYNE (Honda NSF) have also trained in Moto 5 and Mini OGP in recent seasons, will they be candidates for the podium from the first lap?


In the Supersport 300, despite the start of the Top 5 in 2021, there is also a good field made up of young drivers, some of whom already have an honorable track record.

Oreste BAZE (Kawasaki) i Noa POTVIN 2th and 3th at Promosport 400 last season they seem in a good position to play the leading role in the upper class. The paddock will also pay attention to the performance of drivers such as Enzo DAHMANI (Yamaha), Cyprien BABY (Yamaha), Mathéo DIEUDONNÉ (Yamaha) i Lucie BOUDESSEUL (Kawasaki) who will also be there to fight at the helm.

Pure products from the French Promosport Cup, David DA COSTA (Yamaha) i Evann PLAINDOUX (Yamaha) they will say yours!


For this start of the FSBK-FE Side-Car season, 48 players, 9 women and 39 men, 21 French teams and 3 foreign teams will leave Le Mans.

In F600, LEGLISE / FARNIER will try to keep their title, brilliantly won last season. There is no doubt that PEUGEOT / PEUGEOT will want to recover after losing first place in the last moments of 2021. VINET / VINET and LEBAIL / LEVEAU will also take advantage of all the opportunities presented to them to look for podiums.

Winner of the French Promosport Cup, the BOUCHER / BOUCHER team arrives at FSBK-FE full of confidence and ambition. What to shake favorites? Answer on March 26 and 27 in Sarthe.

For its part, CHANAL / LAVOREL will defend its F2 title. The task seems difficult given the forces present. The LEBLOND / CARRÉ team has already shown all its qualities and will now have to show consistency to claim a better position at the end of the season.

The MORELs, meanwhile, learned a lot last year and could have found the set-up that would allow them to play to victory. We will have to keep a close eye on the PALACOEUR / CESCUTTI and NODELFER / BONNOT youth teams.


Fsbk.fr, the website dedicated to the French Superbike Championship, always offers to follow live the weekend news, detailed information, photos, results, videos …

For this 2022 season, the FFM will broadcast a video of the best moments of the day every night of the event on the official Facebook page of FSBK-FE and on the website fsbk.fr.

Other meetings will mark the weekend through a device specifically focused on social media via Facebook: fsbk, Youtube: ffmfsbk and Instagram: fsbk


March 25 – 27 – Bugatti Circuit (72) – ACO
06 – 08 May – Nogaro (32) – ASM Armagnac Bigorre
May 27 – 29 – Lédenon (30) – MC Lédenon
June 17 – 19 – Pau Arnos Circuit (64) – MC Pau Arnos
July 1 – 3 – Magny-Cours (58) – MC Nevers and Nièvre
August 19 – 21 – Carole Circuit (93) – MC Motors Events
September 23 – 25 – Paul Ricard Circuit (30) – Paul Ricard Circuit MC

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