FSBK: See you at Le Castellet for a dream final!

The grand finale of the 2022 version of the French Superbike Championship will take place from September 23rd to 25th at the legendary Circuit Paul Ricard, a great first for the FSBK-FE air! The Moto-Club du Circuit Paul Ricard and the FFM will therefore welcome the elite of French motorcycle speed for the 7th and final chapter during which the Champions will be crowned in the Superbike, Supersport 600 and 300 categories Challenger, Pre-Moto 3, NSF. 250 and sidecar.


This last stage still has many challenges for Valentin DEBISE (Yamaha – Michelin), although he remains leader of the provisional classification and strong favorite for the title. With a retirement in Race 1 during the Paris stage, which definitely did not smile on his face, DEBISE still has work to do before winning the title he has been coveting for 3 seasons. Confident after great performances in World Superbike, the Albigensian should be 100% ready to face the competition.

Despite the good momentum, for Kenny FORAY (BMW Tecmas – Michelin), the task seems difficult. Third in the 2021 Championship, the resident BMW Tecmas team aims to recover its 20-point deficit over the leader. In a circuit that he will have dominated to perfection during the Bol d’Or, FORAY could be the favorite to win. But will it be enough to win the title for the second time in his career?

Provisionally third, 31 points behind Kenny FORAY, Alan TECHER (Honda CBO Racing – Michelin) has also accumulated experience on the Var track. Furthermore, his performances this season show that he is comfortable with his Honda and that he is a serious contender for victory. However, going back to DEBISE and FORAY seems complex. The n°5 rider, on the other hand, has a great battle to stay in the top 3, which is still coveted by Mathieu GINES (Yamaha Tech Solutions – Pirelli), just 2 points behind. In a black series of six races without a podium, the pride of the reigning three-time French champion should provide good competition for the leading trio and a good show for the fans.

After flying over the Challenger Championship and winning three scratch podiums, for Martin RENAUDIN (Yamaha Moto&GP Addict – Pirelli) the 2022 season is already a great success. During the final, the young driver will have a new challenge: to maintain 5th place in the general classification. It will not be an easy task as Axel MAURIN (Yamaha CMS – Pirelli), 6th by 11 lengths will be a big threat. Present in the top 5 during the last five seasons, MAURIN will be eager to continue his good series in the French Championship.

From behind, Valentin SUCHET (Suzuki Junior Team LMS – Pirelli) scores 98 points and occupies 7th position. Will he be able to contain the experienced David MUSCAT (Ducati – Michelin), 8th, and Grégory LEBLANC (Ducati TWR – Pirelli), 9th, who will be able to show off the power of their Italian machines at Circuit Paul Ricard?

Among the Challengers, the suspense is broken by the two highest steps of the podium which will be occupied by RENAUDIN and SUCHET. However, the top 3 provisionally completed by Charles CORTOT (Suzuki Junior Team LMS – Pirelli) will certainly be contested by Maximilien BAU (BMW – Michelin), who has just won his first podium in the premier category.

Note that 2017 French Supersport 600 Champion Hugo CLERE (Yamaha – ) will return to FSBK-FE. A driver with talent and experience, he should play in the places of honor.

1 – Valentin DEBISE (Yamaha – Michelin) – 230 points
2 – Kenny FORAY (BMW Tecmas – Michelin) – 211 points
3 – Alan TECHER (Honda CBO Racing – Michelin) – 180 points
4 – Mathieu GINES (Yamaha Tech Solutions – Pirelli) – 178 points
5 – Martin RENAUDIN (Yamaha Moto&GP Addict – Pirelli) – 147 points


Despite the possibility of achieving the Grand Slam, double French champion Valentin DEBISE (Yamaha – Michelin) will not take part in Supersport 600, probably to concentrate on Superbike.

In pursuit of the Champion all season and now solidly 2nd with a 42 point advantage over his pursuer, Matthieu GREGORIO (Yamaha – Pirelli) will have a golden opportunity to take the win. But Gardois will be reduced due to an injury picked up after his fall at the World Cup. Loïc ARBEL (Yamaha TWR Junior Team – Pirelli) is also injured but has to observe a recovery period and therefore will not be in the game.

In his step, Johan GIMBERT (Yamaha – Pirelli) should be able to retain 3rd place in the general classification and aims to challenge Matthieu GREGORIO for the Challenger title. However, the task promises to be difficult for driver n°77, who is 32 points behind.

Enzo De La VEGA (Yamaha – Pirelli) is 5th and hopes to perform to secure his place in the top 5, or even move up to 4th.

Inside the top 10, the fight will be intense as the experienced Matthieu LUSSIANA (Yamaha – Michelin) and Cédric TANGRE (Yamaha – Pirelli) will have to face two Challengers riders full of ambition: Bartholomé PERRIN (Yamaha – Pirelli ), Kilian AEBI (Yamaha-Dunlop).

1 – Valentin DEBISE – 308 points
2 – Matthew GREGORIO (Challenger) – 200 points
3 – Johan GIMBERT (Challenger) – 158 points
4 – Loic ARBEL – 134 points
5 – Enzo DE LA VEGA – 101 points



The Pre-Moto 3 category keeps us in suspense until the last stage of the season. The six drivers at the top of the classification are decided by less than 40 points before taking the start at Circuit Paul Ricard. Leader of the classification, Célestin MASY (Béon – Bridgestone) remains in a disappointing last stage with a 5th and a 6th place, without having taken advantage of the absence of his rival Matthias ROSTAGNI (Béon – Bridgestone). Rarely defeated by MASY, ROSTAGNI seems to be the big favorite for the final victory, he who returns with full possession of his means.

As for the chasers back in the race, Camil BISSANE (KTM – Bridgestone), 3rd, and Quentin GODEFROY (KTM – Bridgestone), 4th, are fighting for the final podium spot, and can still claim the title. 5th and 6th, Quentin MANDINE (Beon – Bridgestone) and Swan EMPRIN (Beon – Bridgestone) are the last riders mathematically still in contention for the top of the standings and could hold some surprises for their rivals.

1 – Celestin MASY – 168 points
2 – Matthias ROSTAGNI – 157 points
3 – Camil BISSANE – 143.5 points
4 – Quentin GODEFROY – 137 points
5 – Quentin MANDINE – 128.5 points


For the first time, during the last stage neither of the two leaders won a race. With 190.5 points, Benjamin CAILLET (Honda NSF – Bridgestone) is provisionally in the lead ahead of Jules BERCOT (Honda NSF – Bridgestone), 2nd with 184.5 points. Fighting to decide each other since the start of the season, the two boys will face two final battles to win the title.

Behind them, Eliott KASSIGIAN (Honda NSF – Bridgestone), currently 3rd, could break the supremacy of the two favourites. The driver has been in very good form since the Magny-Cours stage, from which he has consistently finished in the first two places, thus achieving maximum confidence and points.

The last two positions in the top 5 are also in contention as several less common drivers are still undecided. They are Lorenzo GUYAU (Honda NSF – Bridgestone), 4th, Lucas BOSSON (Honda NSF – Bridgestone), 5th, and Evan BOXBERGER, 6th.

1 – Benjamin CAILLET – 190.5 points
2 – Jules BERCOT – 184.5 points
3 – Elliot KASSIGIAN – 167.5 points
4 – Lorenzo GUYAU – 134 points
5 – Evan BOXBERGER – 113.5 points


Crowned champion of France by Carole, Enzo DAHMANI (Yamaha – Pirelli) has great ambitions for the rest of his career at just 14 years old. Before that, the #13 Yamaha rider will be keen to end the season in style at Circuit Paul Ricard and will have the opportunity to bid for his 6th and 7th victories.

His runner-up Dorian JOULIN (Yamaha – Pirelli) reaches 173 points and should be able to maintain his position ahead of Evann PLAINDOUX (Yamaha – Pirelli). The latter will have difficulty facing Louca FRIEH (- Pirelli), the two young drivers are only separated by 2 small points. The fight for the third step of the podium will therefore be the main attraction of the Supersport 300 during the final.

With 122 points, David DA COSTA has not given up and is still a candidate for 3rd place in the Championship, as long as he beats his two direct competitors in the Var.

In Challenger, the three leaderboards wear a pocket square. Valentin ROEDEL (Kawasaki – Pirelli), Evan PALHIER (Yamaha – Pirelli) and Théo TAUVERON (Yamaha – Pirelli) will therefore compete for the final victory in the category.

1 – Enzo DAHMANI – 226 points
2 – Dorian JOULIN – 173 points
3 – Evann PLAINDOUX – 144 points
4 – Louca FRIEH – 142 points
5 – David DA COSTA – 122 points


During the last two races, the PEUGEOT / PEUGEOT crew has reduced their gap to the leader PERILLAT / KOTCHAN considerably. Riding a 4-game winning streak, the familiar duo continue their aggressive recovery to move back to within 25 points of the leader before the final. The meeting in Le Castellet promises, therefore, great battles between the sides n°52 and n°74.

LE BAIL / LEVEAU, 3rd, will try to keep their place on the podium, but BOUCHER / BOUCHER will exert constant pressure. The two brothers hope to break into the top 3 for their first season in the French sidecar elite.

JACQUEMMOZ / ENJALBERT, 5th, is in a good dynamic and could aim for his first podium of the season. Team n°69 will be attentive to the actions of PALACOEUR / CESCUTTI, F2 champion and always able to integrate the first 5 scratches.

Behind them, MOREL / MOREL, and QUILBAULT / PESENTI separated by only 7 points in the F2 classification will compete for 2nd place in the Short Chassis Championship.

1 – PERILLAT / KOTCHAN – 222 points
2 – PEUGEOT / PEUGEOT – 197 points
3 – THE LEASE / LEVEL – 150 points
4 – BUTCHER / BUTCHER – 131 points
5 – PALACOEUR / CESCUTTI (F2) – 120 points


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September 23 – 25 – Circuit Paul Ricard (83) – Circuit Paul Ricard MC

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