Frenchman Pierre Gasly knows his time will come

Since returning to Toro Rosso (now AlphaTauri) after spending a few months at Red Bull, Frenchman Pierre Gasly has recovered in the best possible way and has begun a series of notable performances.

After twelve Grand Prix races at Red Bull Racing alongside Max Verstappen in 2019, Pierre Gasly returned to Toro Rosso just before the Belgian Grand Prix of the same year, officially for lack of results. This decisive moment in the Frenchman’s career could have marked the death of his days as a Formula 1 driver, but instead Gasly was able to recover very quickly and has since produced a number of notable performances with the small team. . Toro Rosso, including a podium in the 2019 Brazilian GP, ​​a victory in the Italian GP 2020 and another podium in Azerbaijan in 2021. Looking back, Pierre Gasly now admits that this important moment in his career has only made him reinforced.

“Since then I have won Monza, I finished on the podium in Brazil and last year another podium [en Azerbaijan] with AlphaTauri. » insisted Pierre Gasly on the podcast My Great Opportunity.

“So I think there are a lot of positive aspects that have come out of that and the motivation that has given me, the work that I have done since then has been amazing. I am very happy with what I achieved after that. because a lot of people thought it was over and that’s not how it works with me. “

“I’ve always fought for everything I wanted in my life and when people try to put obstacles in my way, I’m not the one to go back and accept things as they are, I’m someone who fights for everything I want. »

When asked to what extent he has changed professionally, the AlphaTauri rider, whose contract was recently confirmed in 2023, replied: “It’s huge. You always learn a lot more from failures and challenges than from anything else, even successes. Because you always have to ask yourself what went wrong, what could have been better, how you were able to manage it better. the things. “

“There were things under my control and there were things out of my control and being who I am, I am also a monster of control, I need to understand, I need transparency. We know that pilots are all different and we need certain environments and working conditions to perform to the fullest. ”

“I think we all know clearly what happened, whether we agree or not is another matter, but I think it’s pretty clear and we’re pretty much in agreement.”

Now linked to AlphaTauri until the end of the 2023 campaign, Pierre Gasly believes his move to Red Bull was certainly not his last chance on a great team and is adamant about his chances of competing again in a competitive car.

“The Pierre I am today is better than the Pierre I was three years ago, but worse than the Pierre I will be in three years. And that’s just a fact and that’s why I work so hard and I know my time will come “And I will have my chance and once I have that opportunity I know 100% that I will make it work. So that’s all that matters, I’m still working, I’m still working and I’m excited for this moment to come.”

“Sometimes it’s important to look back and appreciate. But I’m more someone who lives the moment or looks to the future – what do I want in a year’s time? In three years? In five years? What is our plan for achieving these goals? I want to be world champion. So now we have to get down to work. »

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