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Nicolas Breuillard (PACA South Region) won, this Wednesday, in Saint-Martin-de-Landelles (Manche), the French Men’s Espoirs Championship (see the ranking). The podium is completed by Théo Degache (Auvergne-Rhône-Alps) and Romain Grégoire (Burgundy-Franch Comte).

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Portrait of Alex BAUDIN

4th at 1’44”

“I’m a little disappointed not to have the title for the team. We were in a very good situation on the getaway. Thibault (Valognes) and Noah (Knecht) left, after another group came out with Théo (Degache). Romain (Grégoire) and Ewen (Costiou) looked at each other and attacked each other, I had nothing to do. We were catching up with the others on the beats, going all out. Then it folded.

There was a mark between me, Romain (Grégoire) and Ewen (Costiou), who were supposed to be the strongest. My two companions took the opportunity to isolate themselves in front. Before, it was done with the pedal. It’s a shame for Théo (Degache), he deserved it but that’s how it is. I thought he could win at the front, but he fell harder. The winner must deserve his victory. Then it was too late to catch up.

We get to the sprint for the bronze medal, I couldn’t do anything against Romain. Last year I was already 4th, that’s right”.

Portrait of Brieuc ROLLAND

5th at 1’44”

“It was very hard, it started very early. At the start of the race I wasn’t feeling well, I wasn’t feeling great and we were underrepresented compared to Brittany. There were nice customers like Romain Grégoire, so I didn’t do many and the more laps went by the better, I really wanted to prove my worth.

We tried to anticipate several times but it didn’t work. On the last lap, we pulled away with Thibault Valognes and Enzo Paleni and returned to the kilometer. I think I managed my race well, I was far from the strongest. I have no regrets, they were too strong up front, we ended the test with them and never came back.

I’m very happy, I pulled away, I think it was the hardest race of my life”.

Portrait of Ewen COSTIOU

6th at 1’47”

“I’m disgusted, of course. It was a marking race, in the end he came out as a postman… But hey, it’s a Championship, it’s a special race.

It was scoring, then we played with our teammates. Romain (Grégoire) had Pierre Gautherat playing for him, I was Nolann (Mahoudo). Alex Baudin (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) had a guy in front, so he wasn’t riding. At one point Baudin and Valognes came out, I had to plug the hole myself. It’s a shame to come here to be 6th.

I understood that things had changed when I saw that the front three went out on the field and that we had not reacted, we did not drive. We reacted too late. I’m disappointed.”

Portrait of Thibault VALIGNES

7th at 1’53”

“With the guys in front, I knew they were going to do great in the two-stroke sequence and I really wanted to get ahead. I love these races where you have to get ahead. I love it but it’s difficult!

The last three laps were very hard, I was going all out. Jean Phi (Jean Philippe Yon, his DS, editor’s note) he came to my height and said: “We must attack here!” and I attacked “here!”. We leave in pairs with Noah Knecht, we are picked up and overtaken by the other two (Nicolas Breuillard and Théo Degache, editor’s note), they were stronger than me. I hung in the group behind.

The last mile was long. I launch my sprint three times in the last kilometer. The first time in the red flame to return to the three interspersed. The second time at 500 meters because I was starting to go out in the mail, I wanted to try everything for everything. And again at 200 meters because I told myself that you never know.

I’m doing 7 but that’s fine by me, I couldn’t do much more today. I finished flush but tactically I ran the perfect race, I did with what I had. Especially since it’s my last French Future Championship, I’m doing it on the Canal with the number 50. I had done my first in Les Pieux in Cadet 1. And I finish with my best place in a French Future Championship. “.

Portrait of Enzo PALENI

8th at 2’03”

“I think I ran pretty well. I was straight in front. From the beginning I thought about winning, when you start a race, it’s for the win. There were four of us then they joined us and there were about fifteen of us. Then behind are the strong ones who they came back, there were about thirty of us runners.

He picked up the pace and we finished with twelve runners but 80 miles from the finish I started cramping. It was fine though, but I had to tone down my efforts because otherwise I was going to explode. I wanted to surprise, I tried several times but every time it came back. I gave it my all. Every time they attacked, I couldn’t keep up. I went back, it’s a shame.

With Romain (Grégoire), we know each other, we were all alone in our committee. They marked themselves, they left me a little calmer. At first I thought about an alliance with him but I had cramps and couldn’t follow them when they attacked. I did as I could. He’s leaving tomorrow (Individual CLM, editor’s note), this is my big goal. I will recover well to give my best. “.

Portrait of Noah Knecht

9th at 3’12”

“The goal was to run at the front, because on a circuit like this if you’re behind it hurts and drives you crazy. We quickly find ourselves two ahead and three from Auvergne-Rhône-Alps with Théo (Degache) coming back behind. There were also three Bretons.

I tried with Valognes, but when Beuillard caught us in the market, I continued to torture and Thibault farted. Me, it was already three times that I suffered. And, I know Théo, in this type of circuits he is very strong, I told myself that I was going to give everything for him. If we managed to get out it is because we were strong and then we saw that we were the strongest. It is a race that was done on pedals, not tactically. I had a chance to hang out with Thibault before because otherwise I’m not on top of the hill with the other two. But it was really played with the pedal.

Nicolas was imperial today and it was his day, he got the title. Also Nicolas Breuillard is a friend, he told me that he had won for one of our friends, so that makes me very happy. (excited, recalls Diego Vivancos, who died during a training session at the Espoir center in Nice – read here). Congratulations to him and congratulations to Théo who scored 2, it’s huge”.

Portrait of Nolann MAHOUDO

10th at 4’46”

“I’m disappointed because of course I was still aiming for the title, but I didn’t expect to be in top form because I’m coming off covid, so I tried to help.

I don’t know if we made a mistake, when the group farted it was done with the pedal. We finished with two so we were no longer outnumbered, everyone was more or less even and then with the heat, the conditions were not easy. At one point I believed it but I quickly got cramps. After covid, I was hoping not to have big feelings.

When I knew I couldn’t win anymore, I helped Ewen (Costiou) as much as I could. When Mathis (Le Berre) came out, we stopped riding but everyone knew he was coming back and he went right away. “.

Portrait of Bastien TRONCHON

13th at 6’11”

“I wanted to play at the start of the race and I waited a little too late, and in the end the race was done very early.

We had protected guys in front and I’m still happy because in the end we will get the podium. You don’t always have to think for yourself. I ran the whole way, it was still a good workout and I finished in the Top 15. I jumped from group to group, I saw that the guys were unmotivated and I told myself that I was going to run to the end, a championship race, this is my heart I had a great ride with Adrien Maire (South PACA, 14th).

Tomorrow I’m going home before I leave for the Tour du Limousin with the professionals”.

Portrait of Pierre GAUTHERAT

16th at 7’01” and escape

“It’s a day that could have ended in the best way, with the shirt. That’s what we came for. It’s a small setback as we make 3. But we take the race in the right direction. We quickly meet in front. We needed an advantage, especially in the heat. We did well, but in the end there is no title, it’s a disappointment.

The only moment that might be a bit lacking is when Romain (Grégoire) returns alone from Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. I got the bike change at that time, we came back later. If we had had one more boy, I might have changed my career. It was a bigger advantage. We found ourselves inferior when the Bretons started.

We knew it would end. It was also exhausting in the heat, it was really, really hard. It’s buried a bit, might as well be playing out there. I sacrificed myself for Romain, I tried to reduce the distance as much as possible, I gave it my all. At the briefing, what was clear was the leadership with our four trump cards (Joris Delbove, Romain Grégoire, Lenny Martinez and himself, editor’s note). We managed to do it well, as we were both with Romain. It was ideal, and we knew it would be done with the pedals.

When you’re in front like that, if I don’t sacrifice, I might not make 3. I had nothing else to do, I might not have followed. The briefing was four maps long and progressed very quickly. And it happened from the first lap, it was liquidated quickly. There are bugs, that’s for sure, but we tried our best. It was very hard, and what’s more, it starts again this weekend (will run the Polynormande with AG2R Citroën, Ed) “.

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