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Antoine Devanne (Vendée U) became, this Thursday, Cholet (Maine-et-Loire), French amateur time trial champion. He was ahead of Corentin Ermenault (AVC Aix-en-Provence) and Pierre Thierry (WB-Fybolia Morbihan). Antoine Devanne succeeds Kevin Vauquelin on the list of winners (see classification).

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Portrait of Ewen COSTIOUS

18th in scrath at 4’14 “- 4th amateur at 1’18”

“When I see that I’m one second off the podium, it bothers me. I’m frankly disgusted, I wanted a podium even if I didn’t prepare too much for it. I already finished 4th last year in the French Espoirs Championship. I think at first I managed too much, I should have put in more. I was scared to get stuck in the end. It will be my experience.

At first, on the fake top dishes, I had trouble putting it on. And even on the turns it wasn’t very serene. I almost got it wrong on a bend after ten miles, I must have lost two seconds. I was speeding up the blows, but I managed badly because it was my first time with 40 terminals. It was long, you had to be very focused all the time. I have a small box, so it’s not easy on long straights. I started to recapture the time between the first and second intermediate. Then I finished very strong.

Portrait of Dorian CARREAU

28th scratch at 5’10 “- 8th amateur at 2’14”

“I have been able to manage the effort well despite the increasingly present heat. I took advantage of several runners focused on the last part. It was a continuous course, you had to have strength. It wasn’t ideal for a small frame like me. I had never done such a long test in the past. It was a discovery and I tried to do it as best I could. I had this quote in the back of my mind for a while. In stage races the distances are shorter ”.

Portrait of Luca DE VINCENZI

30th scratch at 5’27 “- 10th amateur at 2’31”

“I started the time trial recently. I’m happy with my performance, not at all surprised. Basically, I was mainly preparing for Saturday. However, I really enjoyed doubling the two exercises. I feel a little round and sprinter.I wanted to know my individual effort level.

I started well, in addition, I was tied with the first place in the first intermediate. In the last part, I got a little stuck. It wasn’t too good on the false floor going up into the woods. The road was not very good. Then I recovered a bit and put everything to the right in the false downward plane.

Portrait of Clement JOLIBERT

32nd scratch at 5’33 ” – 11th amateur at 2’37 ”

“Last year I was especially disappointed. I had fallen in the Tour du Beaujolais and had a puncture during the France Chrono. I had been put under a lot of pressure because the previous year I had come out of 4th place. This season I have come to have fun me and I had a good time.I’m happy with my result, even if I could have done better.I was expecting a Top 5, but I would have been happy with a place at 10. We had radio issues that distracted me a The course was fantastic, it was very good, the parts of the forest and the false end of the descent plan were very nice, there was no need to collapse in the last ten kilometers, I had fun and I unlocked myself for Saturday ”.

Portrait of Clement PETIT

33rd scratch at 5’35 ” – 12th amateur at 2’39 ”

“I’m super happy with my time even though I would have liked to get into the Top 10. In the first half I was a little behind. It allowed me to speed up seeds until the last shot. There, he had a runner in front of him. I wanted to go get it too fast, but in the end, I never got it. I went a little too far in the effort. I fought in the end. The last five miles were very long.

The part between the two intermediaries was really important. It was necessary to stay in an aerodynamic position and maintain a high gear. I think a lot of competitors have stumbled upon this part. With Jean-Phi (Jean-Philippe Yon, its sporting director, editor’s note), we have managed to manage this part well. Needless to say, it’s up to my qualities to keep up the speed when it goes up.

I love the watch and everything around it: the preparation, the position, the warm-up … So it was important to do it right. I also like long hours. I can almost maintain the same power for an hour of effort as during an effort of 20 minutes. However, I had not prepared specifically for this race, but this year I have earned money by participating in stage races ”.

Portrait of Kevin AVOINE

35th scratch at 5’37 ” – 14th amateur at 2’41 ”

“It was the second French Championship whenever I was doing it. The first, I had completely lost myself in La Haye-Fouassière. The material has evolved enormously since then. It was a pleasant experience. I’m happy but instead I regret it. There are several places I could have taken in front of me. I had set a Top 15 for this time. Psychologically, it set me up pretty well for the future. The shape is present, it was a good time and I had fun without finishing burning.

Time was long, Arnaud (Molmy, its sporting director, editor’s note) he followed me and told me it hadn’t started very well. I finished well, I caught a lot of runners, so I always had a focus. I didn’t risk much on the twists and rebounds and that made me waste a bit of time.

I try to make myself seen in the hopes of becoming a professional next year. I know championships are races that can be pivotal to my career. The timer is a good unlock for online racing that will not be easy. There will be many laps, it will not be all flat. We have a solid team, so we can play everywhere ”.

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