France U18. Who is Rémi Loop? The only Blueberry that is not from a vocational training center

Rémi Loop is the only player in the French under-18 team who does not leave a professional training center (©ABCD XV)

Could it be a UFO so beloved? Fabien Galthie in french team under 18? Anyway Remi Loopthird line center of theABCD XV et des Bleuets has all the characteristics of the moment. Indeed, he is the only player in the group called by Cédric Laborde, the coach, for the 2022 International Series not to come from a training center attached to a professional club.

Proud to represent Burgundy

But for him, this is no problem: “This year with my club ABCD XV we play against all the boys who are in the training centers of the professional clubs, so the level is the same and even better. since d ‘this year in Crabos. , we managed to get some nice stables. The ABCD XV, so this team depends on the Burgundy-Franch Comte League which Rémi joined after having studied rugby at RC Buxy, a club in Federal 3 located in Saône-et-Loire. It’s not really a traditional rugby country, but Rémi was immediately hooked: “I started rugby at the age of 8-9 following my father and his friends. I did one workout, two and three and then, I never left. »

This Burgundy country of which he wants to be a proud representative one day as well Paul Mallezpillar of Stadium of Toulouse and he went through the ABCD XV just like him: “All the players who left the ABCD XV and who play in the Top 14 today are examples. We want to do like them, give life to the Ligue de Bourgogne Franche-Comté and better represent all of Burgundy at the highest level. »

be wise

Selected for France’s youth team, the young third-rower who is described as a complete player does not currently hold French nationality. Born in Belgium before moving to France at the age of two, he applied for dual citizenship at 17 and is still waiting for a response. And when they ask him if he would not like to play in Belgium, his answer is clear: “In any case, at the moment, this is not my goal. The objective, precisely, is to continue climbing the ladder because the young man who next year is about to pass a general baccalaureate with a scientific tendency, has his head on his shoulders and has not given in to the call of the training centers of the professional clubs. : “The ABCD XV stops after the Crabos. Since after (the Crabos year) we don’t have any affiliated clubs, the training centers contact us. I was contacted by a few training centers but I had to start in September and not do the last Crabos course with ABCD XV and I preferred to finish in style with ABCD XV and then go to the training center. »

There is still work to be done

He will therefore have a year left to bring his talent to life with his friends from the ABCD XV and progress because he knows that nothing is certain: “I have to work the game in the post like everyone at 18. , the number 8 is a position that everyone wants to fill, there are many responsibilities. Then he should fly to other horizons and other structures, in order to join the French teams year after year and transform into a UFO. For his career, Rémi Loop, it’s already a bit.

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