France national team – France work against Wales – Rugby League

Interesting preparation match for the French team after their last test against England. This time it was Wales who traveled to France.

From the start of the match, the domain is rather French. Wales is systematically stopped by the tricolor defense. We have to wait until the 8th minute to see a great opportunity. Alrix Da Costa, close to the line, tries a free kick but a Welshman recovers the ball (0-0). A few minutes later, Arthur Mourgue makes a good save, Morgan Escaré recovers but commits a striker just in time to score.

The game goes from one field to another and it is the turn of the Welsh to be dangerous. But also there, the Welsh striker lost control of the ball when flattening. We passed the quarter of an hour of play and Benjamin Garcia scored the first try of the match. In the middle of three defenses, the captain marks the try acrobatically. Arthur Mourgue is transformed and France leads 6-0.

In the beginning, Arthur Romano commits a striker. Penalties, the blues are cornered in defense but Morgan Escaré recovers the ball. After a new defensive series, France finally gets the ball back. We are approaching half an hour of play and the pace is not slowing down. The Blues abuse the game with a single pass and are not far from recording a new try.

Arthur Mourgue drops the ball just inside the box. After another attack, the Blues are stopped near the line. Behind him, Mickael Goudemand scored France’s second attempt. Mourgue transforms and leads the score to 12-0. In the expulsion, Wales recovers the ball and is threatening. However, the defense withstands the shock and may emerge.

We are close to the end of the first half and Wales have one last try. Paul Séguier recovers the ball and finishes an intensive first 40 minutes.

The Welsh save the honor, the blues take off

As soon as the recovery, France recovers the ball after an expulsion under the posts. In the recovery, Benjamin Garcia charged and Éloi Pelissier, from behind, scored the 3rd try of France. Morgan Escaré took over from Mourgue, went to the break and transformed (18-0). The Welsh return to attack and benefit from a penalty. But Paul Marcon intercepts and puts the blues on the attack.

On the next channel, César Rougé makes a small kick that, unfortunately, comes out like a dead ball. The Welsh will reduce the mark after a great collective action. Butt marks Wales’ first attempt to convert. The score is now 18-6 in favor of France. The Blues are more rebellious and make more mistakes. The Blues return to the attack and Benjamin Jullien has just scored France’s 4th attempt. Morgan Escaré does not convert and France leads 22-6.

The XIII of France has decided to accelerate and Morgan Escaré will drop all the defense to register a new attempt. It transforms and the Blues take off 28-6. After a counter in a Welsh kick, France are 20 meters away. Bousquet is about to score but fails to score. César Rougé tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands. The referee requests the video and does not award any rehearsal. The Blues will unfortunately lose the ball after a striker. France continues to attack and Matthieu Laguerre is narrowly stuck in the 5th low (28-6).

By insisting, the Welsh defense breaks. Julian Bousquet in force in addition to Corsica. Escaré transforms and France leads 34-6. Wales will react and reduce the mark. Grant scores the second attempt of his team. It does not convert and the score is 34-10. The final minutes did not change the score and France won 34-10. After an interesting match, Laurent Frayssinous gets his first victory as coach of France.

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