Formula 1 | Williams F1: Latifi ‘on track’ with new chassis

Nicholas Latifi had a difficult start to the season, with a Williams FW44 that didn’t go well for him. But the Canadian revealed today that his difficulties disappeared when the chassis of his single-seater was changed, in addition to the changes made by Williams F1.

“I definitely feel like I have something to prove, especially after a pretty terrible start to the season” Latifi said. “I left Montreal, the race before Silverstone, feeling no real progress or hope of progress with the struggles I had from Australia or even Saudi Arabia.”

“There was no improvement. Even though I felt one lap wasn’t bad, I didn’t feel 100% comfortable with the car. But still it was half a second, three-quarters of a second back, in every session, in total. conditions, regardless of the amount of fuel.”

“Every lap there was just a huge gap. I didn’t see any hope that it could improve. We changed the chassis at Silverstone and since then, it’s clear, there’s been three-quarters of a second progress in every session that counts.” .

A change “on track with the numbers”

Since the chassis change, Latifi has shown better pace against Alex Albon. With events surrounding Oscar Piastri, who was tipped as the favorite to succeed him in 2023 but joins McLaren F1, the Canadian could stay at the wheel next year, if he continues to put in stronger performances .

“There’s been a clear change that’s a fact. It’s not me or my feeling, it’s on the track and with the numbers. I know that from race to race I haven’t suddenly improved my pace three quarters of a second. , so I feel like I’ve got a bit of momentum from Silverstone, especially since I got the upgrade package.”

“I know I’m in the same car as Alex, but with a different chassis. Whether it’s something that went wrong or the way the parts fit into the chassis of the car and the construction of the car, There are a lot of things that could be to blame, I think something went wrong.”

“Since then there’s been a sort of reset. But it wasn’t a mental reset because either I’m comfortable pushing the car or I’m not comfortable pushing the car. It’s got nothing to do with my approach to racing.” .

“It’s positive that things are on the right track now. So it’s just about performing as well as I feel I can and obviously I’m hoping to get some real results on the board along the way and show the team that I deserve to stay me here..”

Undeniable progress originally misunderstood

However, Williams F1 performance director Dave Robson notes that no problems have been detected in Latifi’s first chassis, while confirming his driver’s recent progress: “We found nothing specifically wrong with the chassis or components.”

“It’s hard to test them in a way that fully represents what they see on the circuit. What we’ve been able to test, we don’t see anything particularly bad.”

“But it’s hard to argue that his performance has definitely improved in the last two races. It’s hard to say why, to be honest. But it’s good to see him doing well and his pace has been pretty solid.”

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