Formula 1 | Will the quick corners of Montreal make AlphaTauri and Gasly disappoint?

Finally! Finally, Pierre Gasly spent a quiet and peaceful weekend in Baku last week: his fifth place in the race has rewarded his efforts since the beginning of the year.

In Montreal, the AlphaTauri pilot arrives full of energy and optimism. Especially because the Montreal circuit is, contrary to appearances, an urban circuit, and Pierre Gasly shines on this type of track.

“I came back from Baku with Max and because he won the race, it was a very entertaining flight! I was very happy with our weekend in Baku. It was a perfect weekend, with good strategy and stops in pits, a great start and a good overall speed.I was very happy for the whole team, because we had not had much luck in the last races.It was difficult, but we stayed together, we kept working and gave their “I think we’ve got the season off to a good start.”

“Canada is another street circuit and this year the Montreal circuit will be a real challenge, especially with these new cars that are very rigid, much more so than their predecessors. The big curbs and high speeds will be a real test, as will the last corner and the famous Champion Wall! We will have to avoid the curbs much more, while in the past we had to go over them to make a quick detour. While it’s a different street circuit like the last two races, it’s a much faster circuit. »

However, if the AlphaTauri goes well on slow curves, Montreal’s faster speeds may no longer make Gasly smile …

“On paper, this suggests that it could be a bit more complicated for our car, which means we have to make sure we arrive fully prepared so that we can get the most out of the package we have. Operationally, the team must be at the forefront if we are to achieve the results that the car is capable of delivering, as we saw in Baku. »

Tsunoda makes good heart against bad luck

Yuki Tsunoda emerges from both satisfaction and disappointment: satisfaction at having also delivered a full weekend, which should have ended with a top 7; disappointment to have lost everything in the last laps due to a problem with the rear spoiler and the DRS.

“Although my race result in Baku, without a point, is very disappointing, we can approach the Canadian weekend with optimism after a very good performance in Azerbaijan, where we have been paced all over of the week. It was our best ranking for the team and at least Pierre scored some good points for fifth place, but it was very frustrating to lose what seemed like sixth place due to the back wing problem. So I feel very motivated to keep moving forward this week. »

“After Monaco and Baku, Montreal is another unusual circuit, with generally low grip and high-speed curves, so like Baku, we’ll have to run with low to medium aerodynamic configurations to get a good speed in straight line. ”

“It’s actually a circuit where I’ve played a lot of the Formula 1 video game, so I had a good idea of ​​what to expect before driving it in the simulator. It has a combination of medium and slow speed twists, so “I’ve never been to Canada and I’ve been told that Montreal is a fun city, so I can’t wait to make my first visit and experience what it’s like on and off the track.”

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