Formula 1 | ‘Too good’ according to Marko, Albon will become ‘more selfish’ to win in F1

“Too kind!” This is how Helmut Marko was able to classify Alexander Albon… and in the mouth of the Doctor friend, it was not a compliment, but the explanation of the failure of the Thai in Red Bull!

So is the current Williams driver too nice to win at the highest level in F1? Race fans put the question directly to Alexander Albon… and here’s his answer.

“I am what I am. I can understand what you mean by that, I think…”

Alexander Albon’s career within the Red Bull structure has been tumultuous: sacked while still in junior formula, then recalled at the last minute to drive for Toro Rosso, promoted to Red Bull, demoted as 3rd driver, loaned to Williams… what a mess!

The most valuable experience for Alexander Albon will have been his position as reserve driver: last year, behind the scenes in Milton Keynes, he worked hard in the simulator to provide the best set-up for Max Verstappen. With the success we know.

“I knew I had to play the team game, and it could only benefit me to do so. »

“I knew I had to prove my worth outside the circuit, because I can’t prove myself on the circuit. I had to give 110% of myself. It was really researching all the stuff and working with the guys at the race team, but also at the factory and all that kind of stuff. »

“I was very hard on myself in 2020. Even today I look back and think it wasn’t even a bad year. Honestly, if you look at how I performed, seeing the results and everything, I felt like I deserved some credit, some credit in a lot of situations. I felt I just needed time. »

Outside the cabin, Alexander Albon also worked on his mind. To become a “less likable driver”? Maybe, or in any case more selfish!

“I have to be more selfish. I guess it’s about doing everything for performance – finding areas where I was probably wasting my energy doing different things. »

“I don’t want to boil it down to ‘not being too nice’, but ‘not being too complacent’. This year I felt very motivated and very focused and I guess last year as a reserve driver made me really want to show people what he could do.”

The 2021 dividends are paid in 2022 to Williams

This approach seems to be paying off for Williams at the moment: Alexander Albon has entered the points 3 times and is crushing Nicholas Latifi with pure pace. Did the Thai expect to be at such a party?

“You always have that feeling, I guess, of anxiety in some way, just because you don’t know what to expect. But it’s all going really well, honestly. »

“I believe in myself, but there’s always that question, ‘OK, how is it going to go?’ You want it to start strong. From the first time I drove the car in Barcelona I felt that I had not forgotten anything, it was like a first day. »

“Now, of course, we’re not quite where we want to be, but personally I’m very happy with how it’s going. »

Isn’t it too difficult to go from a top team to a much more modest team?

“At Williams we have to be realistic and see the points as a good thing. Other than that, there’s really no difference. Of course, there’s the resources and size of Red Bull. Williams still has a lot of people working at the factory, but there’s a bit more of that feeling that it’s not a company like Red Bull. It’s a little more intimate and personal in that sense. »

The most worrying moment for Alexander Albon this season, however, was his heavy crash at Silverstone – a crash that was somewhat overshadowed by the rolls of Guanyu Zhou’s Alfa Romeo… but it was actually a good thing the Thai seemed to be suffering the most minor injuries at the time.

“It’s weird. Crashes can look spectacular and you can get away unscathed, while others – like mine, I think – seem relatively ‘lighter.'”

“The way I hit the wall… it was concrete, it also touched… That crash hurt me more than I thought. But it was fine. Some soreness the following week. »

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