Formula 1 | The notes of the French Grand Prix

After the Austrian Grand Prix and its thrilling finish, we thought that Ferrari had accumulated too many positives and were going to explode at Le Castellet. Well, we weren’t wrong at all. Pilot review, let’s go.

Formula 1 — French GP — The Notes

Alfa Romeo

Valtteri Bottas: 7

Bottas French Grand Prix Award List: He allowed Ricard bobsleighs to take +1405% of sales. Start Nation

Guanyu-Zhou: 9

Surely offended by the many praises that have been given to him since the beginning of the season, Guanyu wanted to put the points to the i. Grand prize in the depths of the race, stop that dismantles Schumacher, and hidden abandonment due to breakdown. So who’s the boss?


Esteban Ocon: 6

The Tour de France and the French GP have the same influence on the French champions: a desire to attack by ten. Except that in Tsunoda’s, Esteban subverts to Japanese. Penalty of 5 seconds.

Fernando Alonso: 5

Grandfather’s Grand Prize. Away from the twists and turns of the little ones, it makes the best possible place for a mountain climber today: P6.

Alpha Tauri

Pierre Gasly: ​​7

He had his ranking spoiled by Albon’s spin and didn’t even manage to return the favor by messing up his advance. No one is a prophet in his own country.

Yuki Tsunoda: 8

How do you say smart guy in Japanese? In any case, the peaceful abandonment during the crash of Leclerc, we put a technical mark of 8/10.

Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel: 8

Being a four-time world champion and regularly finishing behind Stroll in the points is difficult anyway.

Spear ride: 2

A serious and clean Grand Prix by Lance Stroll that finishes in the points. So this is what we call the multiverse?


Charles Leclerc: 10

A Formula 1 fan knows this now: when Charles Leclerc gives us pole position on Saturday, Ferrari gives us disaster on Sunday. And when in Austria, Ferrari had failed the wire to ruin Charles’ race due to a delicate pedal, they did their best: doing nothing.

This time, quite a success, after a perfect start, the pedal locks, the rear catches. End of GP and legendary shout. Oh my God.

Carlos Sainz: 6

He has the head of the perfect son-in-law. That of the perfect partner too. Smiling, offering stick suction without complaint. In fact, too perfect. Don’t be surprised if we uncover a security video of Carlos manipulating the pedals of Leclerc’s car on Saturday night.


Kevin Magnussen: 6

A good start to finally surrender after a very avoidable card. The summary of a Haas season in a single Grand Prix.

Mick Schumacher: 4

He doesn’t have too much difficulty doing his turns anymore, Zhou helped him today. cruel


Daniel Ricciardo/Lando Norris: 5

There’s always one team whose run we haven’t really followed. This time, it’s the McLarens. An alpine race, less well?


Lewis Hamilton: 3

It has been said for weeks that this is the crisis for Hamilton and Mercedes. However, it still makes 4 consecutive podiums for the

George Russell: 8

After the famous shame on Bottas“, George again made a humiliating advance, on the kidneys of Sergio Pérez. He thus offers his first podium with Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes.

Red Bull

Verstappen: 10

Verstappen’s best ally this season is called Binotto. Definitely untouchable.

Checo Pérez: Zzzzz

Perez was doing his little Grand Prix plan as a model teammate when, on the final restart, Russell put him to sleep. Suddenly annoyed, he tried the poucave technique at the exits of the slopes.


Alexander Albon: 5

The little twist in qualifying that makes Gasly’s race tricky. Thanks for the works.

Nicholas Latifi: 6

A crash and an abandonment that doesn’t change anything for the race scene. Times are changing for the Canadian.

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