Formula 1 | The highs, failures and questions after the British Grand Prix

After each Grand Prix, invites you to find the tops and flops identified by the editorial staff. Who deserves to be applauded? Who, on the contrary, should be criticized? Finally, what are the questions or ambiguities that should be followed with interest during the next Grand Prix? Check it out below!


Top n ° 1: Advances in safety in F1

If we could enjoy Silverstone so much, it was because the joy happened in fear: the fear of the accident at the exit, after Guanyu Zhou, but also Alexander Albon, suffered very violent shocks. That same morning, Roy Nissany also saved his life in F2, while Dennis Hauger, expelled by Nissany himself, the perpetrator of a general nonsense since the start of his single-seater career, landed in his single-seater. Two lives saved in one day.

It was the winner Carlos Sainz who best summed up the situation after the race: “I find it incredible that we can get away with it. Sometimes we criticize the FIA, but in these cases we have to give them credit for the help they have given us. And if you see the accident in F2, what happened to the Halo, they probably saved two lives. ”

The huge advances in security, however, show room for improvement. What about the role of the gravels that facilitated the propulsion of Guanyu Zhou’s Alfa Romeo? What about the car hoop that would have yielded? And when will the sausages run out? It’s about thinking everything through down to the smallest detail. But the legacy of Jules Bianchi and Jean Todt, who was right in pushing the halo against his too many detractors, is still being observed.

Top n ° 2: Pérez-Hamilton-Leclerc, a magical triplet for a fantastic fight

If the British Grand Prix was discouraging, it was largely thanks to this trio: Sergio Pérez, Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc. Particularly since the relaunch of the Safety Car, following the retirement of Esteban Ocon, this triumvirate of entertainment entertained Silverstone’s expert and charming audience. Crazy fencing, respectful with maybe one or two exceptions (Sergio Pérez deviates a bit); intensity, suspense, chills also when Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc went as far as Copse, the latter magnificently surpassing the former; surprise finally, because who would have thought that Charles Leclerc could have resisted so much to his colleagues in soft new, with hard still used.

The intensity of the show owes much to the talent of the three protagonists. Each member of the trio is to be acclaimed for their performance: Charles Leclerc, who was at the helm and who may have been deprived of a victory by a new strategic Ferrari tramp, and for having resisted so much; Lewis Hamilton, who was as if resurrected in his garden behind the wheel of the Mercedes and without the safety car, also had every chance of victory; Finally Sergio Pérez, author of a magnificent comeback. We will also bow, especially after the initial scares, to the respect that these drivers gave each other – which Lewis Hamilton, a bit ironic, did not fail to point out, and specified that last year, with a certain other pilot Dutch, in that same corner. of Copse, things went less well.

In short, credit must also be given to the FIA, for having invented new aerodynamic regulations that fulfill all their promises. Lewis Hamilton was right: “It’s great, really, we fought well. And just being able to follow each other was fantastic. I fought as much as Checo. It reminds me of the karting era. And I think Formula 1 is at its peak.” Let’s not forget Pirelli. The manufacturer, with so little evidence, has designed 18 inches that allow you to fight without overheating; Last Sunday at Silverstone, Pirelli left behind the 2013 spectrum and tire delamination forever.

Top n ° 3: Encouragement for Nicholas Latifi

For once, you could say, Nicholas Latifi appears in the “tops” section. If Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris could also have been highlighted for their very solid new career, the Canadian’s progress is, however, rare enough to be mentioned. In the classification, in complicated conditions and, moreover, without the improvements to the FW44 that only his teammate Alexander Albon had, Nicholas Latifi effectively managed to get out of Q2 … and even enter the Q3, for the first time. almost ended up on the wall)!

His run was not very ridiculous: he was able to keep Valtteri Bottas behind him for a good while, navigating the points zone. However, after the first stop, the pace of his Williams took over and Nicholas Latifi could not stop his slow fall in the standings.

His 12th place, his best result of the year, is still a stimulus to build on: Operation “Save My Skin” has unfortunately started badly for a few Grand Prix, but who knows …

The flops

Flop n ° 1: a victory full of paradoxes and fever for Ferrari

It may seem surprising to see a failure of a team that nonetheless won the Grand Prix this weekend at Silverstone. However, remembering only Carlos Sainz’s victory last Sunday would have caused great harm to the Squad: because that victory could turn into a Pyrrhic victory if Mattia Binotto and her family refuse to deal with their weaknesses that , again, were exposed, under the pretext. “That after all, we won.”

First weakness: strategic fever in the race. He appeared on two points in particular: the indecision to follow the instructions of the race, while Charles Leclerc was wasting time behind Carlos Sainz. The Escuderia, for fear of displeasure, entrenched themselves in an option almost unchosen, or hidden, that of bringing the Spaniard to clear the field. Here they lost a few precious seconds and without a safety car, they could have brought victory to Lewis Hamilton. A second potential strategic mistake was the choice, highly questionable, of not carrying Charles Leclerc (the best ranked in the championship) at the time of the safety car, transforming him from a hunter into an easy prey for the restart. It was almost a miracle that the Monegasque was able to save a 4th position!

Second weakness, which may seem even more surprising to raise after a success: that of Carlos Sainz himself. Certainly, the Spaniard signed his first pole, surely he did not tremble when the race resumed after the safety car. But there again, this Sunday’s race at Silverstone revealed the limits of Spanish on Sunday. His pace, especially on hard roads, was slower than that of Charles Leclerc (who had a broken down car) and Lewis Hamilton; he also made one of his many mistakes by coming out a lot on a turn at the start of the race, leaving the lead to Max Verstappen. Were it not for the problems of the Dutchman, much more would have been said of this mistake by Sainz. Ultimately, the tree of victory should not hide the forest of Ferrari fever.

Flop # 2: Another terrible weekend for Daniel Ricciardo

While Lando Norris shone in the top 6, Daniel Ricciardo missed McLaren again. First in the standings, Australia suffered their third elimination in Q2 in 4 races, where their teammate tickled them in the third row. 2.5 seconds difference in Q2 between the two men, even in the rain, it is no longer a gap, it is the fault of San Andreas …

Daniel Ricciardo’s 14th place in the race did not arouse any emotion because he was so anonymous. On Sunday, Daniel Ricciardo’s only excuse was to have been deprived of the DRS from lap 31. But his career was already ruined after a disastrous first stage on hard tracks. Even with six withdrawals, Daniel Ricciardo finished behind the two Aston Martin F1s, the two Haas F1s and Nicholas Latifi.

Flop # 3: What fly stung Yuki Tsunoda?

Yuki Tsunoda had not gotten disappointing ratings, at a rate close to that of Pierre Gasly. However, the Japanese, who as his partner successfully started, ruined everything in a monumental way. He made the unforgivable mistake in F1 of unnecessarily and dangerously hanging his teammate, ruining the efforts of hundreds of people in seconds. Why did Pierre Gasly attack Village in such a reckless way (Pierre Gasly, however, had left the place)? Lamentations were all the more acute as with a car with no upgrades, AlphaTauri could expect a double top 10.

At a time when Yuki Tsunoda is the only Red Bull driver without a contract for next year, the timing is more than inappropriate. Especially after his mistake in Montreal, during the last Grand Prix (lost pit stop).

We want to see…

Mercedes F1: Bonfire or Straw Fire?

Should we proclaim Mercedes ’resurrection and wait for a three-way fight until the end of the year? The optimists or supporters of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell certainly have reason to wait after Silverstone. After all, didn’t Lewis Hamilton have a better pace than the Ferraris, even with worn out media? Couldn’t he have aimed for victory without a safety car? Haven’t Mercedes developments proven their effectiveness? And how not to rejoice in a Mercedes that no longer suffered from bounces?

However, beware of over-optimism. On the one hand, the Silverstone track, with its high-speed curves and smooth asphalt, worked in Mercedes ’favor. In fact, performance could vary from race to race for Mercedes, starting with the next Red Bull Ring Grand Prix. To listen to Toto Wolff, the Red Bull Ring should also be less favorable to Mercedes, and Toto Wolff also recalls that in Barcelona, ​​Mercedes had sung too soon the return of spring: “We had seen the light at the end of the tunnel in Barcelona before fighting the street circuits, so I don’t want to talk too much or be too pessimistic, let’s just say I prefer to be careful. In Austria there will be certain types of bends for which our car has not worked in the past, but it is a constant learning process for us. This year it will be very difficult to impose ourselves, but we need to do what it takes to control and understand the performance of the car. »

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