Formula 1 | The Ferraris, masters of the Pirelli? Hakkinen is more optimistic for the Scuderia

Without the withdrawal of Carlos Sainz due to reliability issues, Ferrari would surely have headed for a double in the Red Bull Ring. Anyway, the pace of the red car was more than promising in the race in particular.

Mika Hakkinen retains another decisive advantage for Ferrari in Austria: compared to Red Bull, the Scuderia has spent much less on tires. An advantage in the coming summer races where wear and tear will also be a deciding factor?

“Ferrari beat Red Bull in a direct fight this weekend and that will give them a lot of confidence in the middle of the season. »

“Ferrari has worked hard to find the straight line speed they need to compete with Red Bull, but this weekend we also saw that they had better tire performance on a circuit that normally fits Red Bull. »

“Tire performance is very important in F1 and depends a lot on the type of circuit, whether it emphasizes front or rear grip and the balance between the two. The Red Bull Ring circuit tends to cause tire wear. rear is more critical than front tire wear, which favored Ferrari. ”

“Even though Max won the Sprint on Saturday to get the pole position, Charles could already see that his car had the performance to challenge the victory on Sunday. He even said it on the team’s radio! So even though Max started the race strong, Charles was able to keep in touch and move forward quite easily while Max’s rear tires struggled. ”

Also in terms of strategy, Ferrari was better in the Red Bull Ring, with an unusual strategy according to Mika Hakkinen.

“Ferrari’s racing strategies have caused some problems this year, but not this Sunday. When they saw Max switch to a two-pit strategy they followed the same, but in making their pit stops much later they still maintained a strong advantage over the tires. It’s the kind of confidence strategy Ferrari will have to maintain if it wants to constantly challenge Red Bull. »

On the other hand, it is clear that reliability failed, with the spectacular explosion of the engine of Carlos Sainz … A sword of Damocles also on Charles Leclerc, as this unit of Italian power seems fragile.

“Carlos’ engine failure shows that Ferrari still has work to do in reliability and I’m sure they need to know where the problems are. Charles can’t afford to have that kind of slip if he wants to close the gap with Max. In fact, he needs Max to retire if the world championship points gap really closes. »

Mick Schumacher acclaimed by Mika Hakkinen

It was another Ferrari driver that Mika Hakkinen greeted: Mick Schumacher, who signed a very convincing 6th place finish in the Red Bull Ring.

Michael’s former rival for the titles is delighted and relieved to see how the Haas driver is progressing after suffering strong pressure from team manager Günther Steiner.

“I was very happy to see Mick Schumacher make another good run for Haas and finish sixth, two places ahead of his experienced teammate Kevin Magnussen. Mick is the subject of a lot of attention due to the reputation of his father, the “It’s a very calm and mature young man – he’s only 23 – and he’s obviously gaining confidence in himself and his car.”

“Last season was his first in F1, a year of learning in which Haas did not have a competitive car. This year we can see that the team has come a long way with the new car and the new regulations, so there is a chance for Mick to really demonstrate his abilities. »

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