Formula 1 – Still overtaken by Ferrari in the standings, Red Bull intends to “put it wrong” in the race

Missing encounter! Defeated for the sixth time in eight qualifying sessions by Charles Leclerc and Ferrari, Red Bull will have to settle for escorting the Monegasque to Baku on Sunday. Of course, there are worse results than starting in 2nd and 3rd place. But Sergio Pérez’s performances at the Free Games in Azerbaijan raised optimism that the Mexican could reach pole position. Max Verstappen, retired from the start of the weekend on a circuit that had often punished him in the past, was equipped with a new engine.

“It simply came to our notice thenimmediately downplayed Christian Horner, Milton Keynes team manager. With the confidence inherited from his victory in Monaco, on a track where he has always stood out and without the advantage of drafting, Checo has made a good turn.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Engine problem for Pérez

When he left the car marked with the 11, the main interested party gave another explanation, explaining that he had encountered an engine problem that penalized him: “It wasn’t an ideal session because in the end we had a problem with the engine. We couldn’t even push it and we lost a lot. Here the power is very important. I don’t know. Not if it is. It would have been enough. to make the pole, but I’m sure we lost a few tenths. “

Who could have given Charles Leclerc the lead? “who made a very good round”. Without this setback, Pérez, winner in Azerbaijan in 2021 and currently in life form after his victory in Monaco, could have won the timpani.

Baku, the cursed capital of Verstappen

The frustration was logical as the Mexican was often on the edge, as evidenced by the kisses exchanged with the concrete: “When you’re in Q3, the first run, that’s where you let go. And that was a little too much. I hit the wall a few times. Luckily, we managed to survive, which is really the key here.” It continued: “A very long race awaits us, we will have to make sure we are in place. A mistake can happen at any time.”

Red Bull prefers Sunday

His neighbor in the garage showed his face closed. With problems on urban circuits since the introduction of the new generation of single-seater, the championship leader has especially complained about the front axle of the RB18. “We have to find a solution to make me feel better in the car. Because, at the moment, it’s not like that.” said the Telegram. After training on Friday, Verstappen, still plagued by these difficulties in Baku, said he feared Ferrari on a fast lap rather than on long periods, where they would be informed. “more balanced” between the two stables.

If he had been right for the classification, it is an understatement to say that the Dutchman was clearly not satisfied with his third position, the starting position he held last year: “It’s not bad, but it’s not good enough either. We didn’t have a good balance between front and back. You really can’t be consistent in how you approach a lap with braking and cornering. I still think being 2nd and 3rd, we’ll have a good opportunity in the race “.

A speech that closely resembles that of Christian Horner. The team manager is betting on Sunday’s race. That is why, according to him, optimism must be in order. Especially because the first rounds of the season showed that Red Bull managed their races better than their transalpine competitors, Verstappen and Pérez, managed to steal their victory three times despite Leclerc’s pole position: “We have a good competitive car on Sunday. It’s possible to get ahead on this track. So hopefully we can have a good time racing!”

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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