Formula 1 | Schumacher furax against Haas F1 and the non-deposit at Magnussen

The fight is not just between Ferrari drivers this Saturday in Austria. In Haas too, the tone has risen.

In fact, chased by Lewis Hamilton, Mick Schumacher wanted Kevin Magnussen to take a step back to give him the DRS.

Would the team’s instruction, not followed, and even without going to Magnussen, have allowed Mick Schumacher to stay in the top 8? Either way, the Haas rider looked very upset in front of the cameras after the Sprint. Mostly because he felt he had a better pace than his teammate.

“I think it’s something to discuss, but obviously the battle with Lewis was fun, but at first it shouldn’t have happened. In a way, I was a little faster, so …”

And when asked if he thinks that with his pace, Mick Schumacher would have deserved a team order before the race to beat Kevin Magnussen, Mick Schumacher replies: “Yes”.

“It was feasible without wasting too much time, I asked several times. »

But Mick Schumacher also confirms that Haas refused to pass this instruction … Why?

“It’s something I have to understand” throw Mick.

“I saved his ass from being attacked by Lewis, he was waiting for him to back off, which didn’t happen. So I found myself vulnerable, without DRS.”

“I knew it would be difficult [de résister à Hamilton], especially when my tires are worn out. But I felt that his tires were no longer in very good condition. »

“So I was hoping to be able to come back. But then, yes, he obviously got his tires back and mine didn’t and I was still attacked by Valtteri. [Bottas] behind. »

“In a way, it was probably not necessary, because I think I had more pace to be ahead. »

“So you have to see, maybe to understand, why we haven’t changed our position. »

“Because I felt I could probably attack Esteban [Ocon] before [pour la sixième place]. »

“It’s quite incredible to fight Mercedes and a Red Bull. Again, I think there were more things than that. »

Mick Schumacher is also under investigation as nearly half of the grid, for radio communications during the training lap … Not his teammate!

“We’ll see. One thing I think about is I did a burnout and he was ahead of Kevin, but I let him pass. Other than that, I really don’t know if I did anything wrong. I don’t think so. Maybe I came back. to be out of position. ”

Magnussen confirms he did not receive instructions

Magnussen’s version confirms that indeed the Haas driver did not receive any team orders. He was mostly satisfied with a good 7th position that allowed him to add two points.

For once, Mick Schumacher has more to blame for his team, and nothing to Kevin Magnussen, who couldn’t know.

“Obviously, I can’t hear what Mick is saying.”

“But you know, it’s a great day for us. We got two points, we started in 7th and 9th position for tomorrow’s main race. We really can’t be disappointed. »

“I thought we had a problem this morning. The pace wasn’t right and the balance wasn’t good. So we made some changes, but we’re limited by the Closed Park.”

“The balance has returned and we have found a lot of rhythm since this morning, so I am very happy. »

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