Formula 1 | Sainz had to lose weight at the request of Ferrari

Carlos Sainz felt hot after his Ferrari power unit exploded in the Red Bull Ring almost a fortnight ago. The Spaniard’s car had taken some time to be extinguished by the marshals, as the flames were dangerously close to Carlos …

Returning to this incident, Carlos Sainz evokes his great perplexity of the moment in the face of this situation.

“I was angry, but it was a little hot. It was a very strange situation. I didn’t know what was going on. There was something wrong. I tried to get out and the car was going in reverse. I stayed there and when I I started to burn a little … my wetsuit was having a little barbecue after the race. ”

“It was a little weird with the commissioner coming and going. I didn’t understand. And then they explained to me why all this was happening. It made sense. The car was reversing and that made things a little more complicated. But look, “We owe our lives to the curators. They are volunteers and they do it for the love of art. 99.9% of them do a great job and the rest are sure to learn from their mistakes.”

Therefore, Carlos Sainz set the tone with his most outstanding weekend in racing: his first pole position and his first victory at Silverstone. He says.

“It’s one of the most beautiful things you can feel as an athlete. At that moment, at 300 an hour, you don’t realize it. But when I saw the photo and you got out of the car, the whole paddock where you work comes to congratulate you, the rival drivers … and they are happy for you. Checo Pérez told me: “What a pleasure to share with you for your first victory.” You deserve it, you bastard. Let’s have some champagne. ‘ »

“I try to get along with everyone. I love Formula 1 and you meet great people. There are the best drivers, the best engineers, the best mechanics and the best journalists. It’s the elite of many things. I’m who I am. and I like to get along with everyone, but then, on the track, I’m in charge of “impressing them.” Outside, I have fun and try to have a good time.I’m in an environment I love. »

While Carlos Sainz is having a more than mixed season, we must not neglect the smallest detail to win in pure performance. Especially the weight of the pilot. Therefore, Ferrari expressly asked him to monitor his line. This is confirmed by Carlos Sainz.

“A year ago, around this time, I put on a few extra kilos and Ferrari told me to take out one and a half. I’m where I need to be and I’ll never move from here again. »

The Tenerife project

Carlos Sainz spoke at the presentation of the project for a new circuit in Tenerife, Spain. In this 4 km circuit there will be a straight line of 820 meters, 16 turns and a top speed of 310 km / h.

Sainz supports this project. To the point of seeing him enter the F1 calendar?

“I have already done my trajectory studies. There are some great corners, like a triple triple before a very cool mini straight. I hope it will be possible to try it soon. We would have fun. But from a young age, my school notebooks were filled with circuits designed by me. My mother often scolded me for it. I’ve always had a lot of fun watching new circuits. »

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