Formula 1 | Presentation and timetables of the French Grand Prix of F1 2022

F1 is heading to the last two races before the summer break, with a first stop at Le Castellet, where the Paul Ricard circuit hosts the French Formula 1 Grand Prix. Summer temperatures – and even a scorching heat- that we are currently experiencing. it could test men, and especially machines.

After a particularly exciting 2021 edition, and with a design conducive to highlighting the features of the new car, the French GP 2022 promises to be especially challenging, as it will offer a chapter 12 of the fight between Red Bull and Ferrari, and between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.

The route

This version of the Paul Ricard has been used since 2018. The first bend is on the left and leads to a straight line that follows the Sainte-Baume sequence, formed by a chicanery, a fork and a long acceleration. which leads to the long straight.

This long straight line is cut by a xicane, and its second part is lengthened by the famous curve of Signes, from which the drivers leave at more than 300 km / h. We saw that Lance Stroll had a high speed accident there last year and justified the great permits there were.

After the great Beausset curve and a series of bends at medium speed, the route ends with a fork leading to the casting straight. Despite two tight sequences, the circuit exceeds 330 km / h on three occasions, and the average lap last year was 233 km / h for the pole.

Present forces:

Ferrari will want to confirm their return to the form seen in Austria, and try to get their fourth win of the season. This will be crucial for the Team to maintain an opportunity for both titles and to confirm that F1-75 is once again within reach of the RB18 in the long stays.

Behind, you have to be wary of Mercedes F1, whose W13 is much better on smooth tracks, and who could benefit from Paul Ricard’s asphalt. As for the current world champion team, it will be a matter of confirming the approach taken with the first teams of Silverstone, a little less clear in Austria.

Behind, Alpine F1 will want to shine at home, and the team has been the most impressive on the field in recent races, with Haas and McLaren, however, much more erratic. Fourth place could change to the side of the French clan, which returned to equality with McLaren in the Red Bull Ring.

Schedule of the French Grand Prix

With a classic format and a tour of Europe, the French Grand Prix will offer classic times with the classification on Saturday at 4pm and the race at 3pm.

– Friday 22 July

14: 00-15: 00: Free workouts 1

17: 00-18: 00: Free training 2

– Saturday 23 July

13:00 – 14:00: free workouts 3

16: 00-17: 00: Classification

– Sunday 24 July

15: 00h-17: 00h: Race

The winners of the French Grand Prix


Course Circuit Winner Equipment – Engine
1906 Le Mans Ferenc Szisz Renault
1907 Dieppe Felice Nazzaro fiat
1908 Dieppe Christian Lautenschlager mercedes
1911 Le Mans Victor Hemery fiat
1912 Dieppe Jordi Boillot Peugeot
1913 Amiens Jordi Boillot Peugeot
1914 Lyon Christian Lautenschlager mercedes
1921 Le Mans Jimmy Murphy Duesenberg
1922 Strasbourg Felice Nazzaro fiat
1923 Towers Henry Segrave Ray of sunlight
1924 Lyon Giuseppe Campari Alfa Romeo
1925 Monthery Robert Benoist-Albert Divo Delage
1926 Miramas Jules Goux Bugatti
1927 Monthery Robert Benoist Delage
1928 Sant Gaudens William Grover-Williams Bugatti
1929 Le Mans William Grover-Williams Bugatti
1930 Pau Philippe Etancelin Bugatti
1931 Monthery Louis Chiron – Achille Varzi Bugatti
1932 Reims Tazio Nuvolari Alfa Romeo
1933 Monthery Giuseppe Campari maserati
1934 Monthery Lluís Chiron Alfa Romeo
1935 Monthery Rudolf Caracciola Mercedes Benz
1936 Monthery Jean-Pierre Wimille – Raymond Sommer Bugatti
1937 Monthery Lluís Chiron Talbot
1938 Reims Manfred von Brauchitsch Mercedes Benz
1939 Reims Hermann Paul Muller Automobile Union
1947 Lyon Parilly Lluís Chiron Talbot
1948 Reims Jean-Pierre Wimille Alfa Romeo
1949 Reims Lluís Chiron Talbot


Course Circuit Winner Equipment – Engine
1950 Reims Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo
1951 Reims Luigi Fagioli – Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo
1952 Rouen-les-Essarts Alberto Ascari Ferrari
1953 Reims mike arç Ferrari
1954 Reims Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes Benz
1956 Reims peter collins Ferrari
1957 Rouen-les-Essarts Juan Manuel Fangio maserati
1958 Reims mike arç Ferrari
1959 Reims Tony Brooks Ferrari
1960 Reims Jack Brabham Cooper Climax
1961 Reims Giancarlo Baghetti Ferrari
1962 Rouen-les-Essarts Dan Gurney Porsche
1963 Reims jim clark Lotus Climax
1964 Rouen-les-Essarts Dan Gurney Brabham-Climax
1965 Charade jim clark Lotus Climax
1966 Reims Jack Brabham Brabham-Repco
1967 Le Mans Jack Brabham Brabham-Repco
1968 Rouen-les-Essarts Jacky Ickx Ferrari
1969 Charade Jackie Stewart Matra Ford
1970 Charade Jochen Rindt Lotus-Ford
1971 Paul Ricard Circuit Jackie Stewart Tyrrell Ford
1972 Charade Jackie Stewart Tyrrell Ford
1973 Paul Ricard Circuit Ronnie Peterson Lotus-Ford
1974 Dijon Prenois Ronnie Peterson Lotus-Ford
1975 Paul Ricard Circuit Niki Lauda Ferrari
1976 Paul Ricard Circuit James Hunt McLaren-Ford
1977 Dijon Prenois mario andretti Lotus-Ford
1978 Paul Ricard Circuit mario andretti Lotus-Ford
1979 Dijon Prenois Jean-Pierre Jabouille Renault
1980 Paul Ricard Circuit Alan Jones Williams Ford
nineteen eighty-one Dijon Prenois Alain Prost Renault
1982 Paul Ricard Circuit René Arnoux Renault
1983 Paul Ricard Circuit Alain Prost Renault
1984 Dijon Prenois Niki Lauda McLaren-TAG
1985 Paul Ricard Circuit Nelson Piquet Brabham-BMW
1986 Paul Ricard Circuit Nigel Mansell Williams-Honda
1987 Paul Ricard Circuit Nigel Mansell Williams-Honda
1988 Paul Ricard Circuit Alain Prost McLaren-Honda
1989 Paul Ricard Circuit Alain Prost McLaren-Honda
1990 Paul Ricard Circuit Alain Prost Ferrari
1991 Magny Cours Nigel Mansell Williams Renault
1992 Magny Cours Nigel Mansell Williams Renault
1993 Magny Cours Alain Prost Williams Renault
1994 Magny Cours Michael Schumacher Benetton-Ford
1995 Magny Cours Michael Schumacher Benetton-Renault
1996 Magny Cours Damon Hill Williams Renault
1997 Magny Cours Michael Schumacher Ferrari
1998 Magny Cours Michael Schumacher Ferrari
1999 Magny Cours Heinz-Harald Frentzen Jordan-Mugen-Honda
2000 Magny Cours David Coulthard McLaren-Mercedes
2001 Magny Cours Michael Schumacher Ferrari
2002 Magny Cours Michael Schumacher Ferrari
2003 Magny Cours Ralf Schumacher Williams-BMW
2004 Magny Cours Michael Schumacher Ferrari
2005 Magny Cours Fernando Alonso Renault
2006 Magny Cours Michael Schumacher Ferrari
2007 Magny Cours Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari
2008 Magny Cours Felip Massa Ferrari
2018 Paul Ricard Circuit Lewis Hamilton mercedes
2019 Paul Ricard Circuit Lewis Hamilton mercedes
2021 Paul Ricard Circuit Max Verstappen Red Bull

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