Formula 1 | Mercedes F1 split between satisfaction and frustration after Silverstone

Mercedes F1 had reasons for satisfaction and disappointment for Silverstone.

First of all, the German team can be congratulated for the smooth running of their evolutions: Lewis Hamilton, in fact, managed to get on the podium at a pace sometimes faster than the Ferrari. And if he finally couldn’t play for the win, we feel like the German team is getting closer to the favorites.

On the disappointing side, Mercedes F1 can regret the rapid abandonment of George Russell, involved in spite of himself in the spectacular accident at the start of the Grand Prix. Because with two cars on the track, the eight-time constructors ’world champion team probably had a strategic card to play.

“It was a great race for all those fans who came up with their passion,” said Toto Wolff, the director of the German team.

“We had seen the light at the end of the tunnel in Barcelona before fighting the street circuits, so I don’t want to talk too much or be too pessimistic, let’s just say I prefer to be careful. Once again we had to deal with the problem of ‘marching height during those three days, but we’ve had a good pace this weekend, which is fun and means our updates seem to be working. “

“In Austria there will be certain types of bends that our car has not been successful in the past, but it is a constant learning process for us. This year it will be very difficult to win, but we must do what is necessary to control and understand the car performance “.

“It was disappointing for George not to be in this race because the pace was good, but there are regulations and that’s how it is. Lewis made a great run, we had the victory within reach and” We were catching up with the Ferrari, but after passing the safety car we lost a bit of momentum. I’m happy that the race in Austria is coming very fast, it will be another opportunity to keep learning. “

Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes F1’s track engineering director, also broke down when he reported on the British Grand Prix.

“It’s hard for the team to know how to react after a race like that. On the one hand it’s frustrating to get only third place, because with both cars we could have fought for the victory and added more points. On the other hand we can be happy to have fought at the front after a very difficult start to the season, the Brackley and Brixworth teams have done a lot of work to close the gap that way. “

“George’s career wasn’t very long. We knew we risked putting him on hard tires, but we hadn’t anticipated that it would be so difficult for him to get off the grid. Clearly, a factor that influenced the accident. of the start and he finished his race, but fortunately no one was injured Lewis, however, had a great start to be third so it was a shame to regain fifth place for the second start. if we could fight for victory, but unfortunately it wasn’t for this time. “

“However, it is encouraging to see our progress over the weekend. We have made a major move and acted as expected. Now we know what works in the car, so we can find more performance. We now have a few days to analyze- all before we leave. to Austria, so there will be a lot to do in a short time, but we are excited to go there and we hope to fight at the front again. “

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