Formula 1 | Mercedes F1: “Nothing seems to work” on the W13

Lewis Hamilton was utterly disappointed after a difficult day of free practice at the Canadian Grand Prix. The Mercedes F1 driver was testing a new notch with a notch on the sides of the ground, but this one didn’t even stay in EL2 as it didn’t work.

“It was like every Friday for us, we tried a lot of different things, an experimental flat next to me, which didn’t work.” Hamilton said. “Nothing we do to this car seems to work.”

“George and I tried different configurations in FP2, just to see if one way worked and another didn’t. I’ll wait and see how it went, but for me it was a disaster. It was like the car got worse.” .

The seven-time world champion is frustrated to see a new experiment fail, and now seems to be giving up a possible clear improvement to the current car: “As we worked on it, it got worse and worse.”

“We’re still working on it, but it’s like that. It’s the car we have for this year, so we just have to put up with it and work hard to build a better car for next year.”

Struggling to keep the W13 away from the walls

The rigidity of the W13 remains a major problem for Mercedes F1, as described by Hamilton: “A touch on the sidewalk and the car flies. You have to be able to use the sidewalks here, so it’s very complicated.”

“It’s not the Montreal I know, I’m used to and I’ve lived in my career. It’s the worst feeling I’ve ever had with a car here. So I hope we can make some changes tonight. But those are the basics of car, that’s what it is and it will be difficult. “

According to Hamilton, avoiding accidents is very complicated: “It’s a monumental struggle all the time to avoid getting into the wall, when it bounces, when the car comes off the ground, and lands, and grabs and goes in different directions …

“You’re just trying to keep a car that jumps, jumps, hooks, jumps and jumps. It’s hard, it makes you move on. There have been big bumps here, we’re lifting the car and it doesn’t make any difference.”

Russell was amused, but fears the average results

George Russell is competing in his second Canadian Grand Prix. The young driver discovered F1 2022 on a track he had only known once, in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic. He admits that Mercedes lacks ease at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit.

“It’s fun to drive on this circuit, it’s old-fashioned and very difficult, with cars hitting the sidewalks.” said Russell, who also distrusts Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. “Our performance was not what we wanted.”

“We are quite out of the rhythm of the first two teams and there are also two guys, Fernando and Seb, who look very strong. We have work to do. Here it is always very bumpy, the rigidity of these cars is quite brutal.”

“You can’t run on the sidewalks as much as you used to, the car is as smooth as it can be, but there’s something in this generation of cars that keeps us from doing it. At EL2 it was probably the biggest distance adjustment between Lewis and I went in completely different directions. “

“We have to find a happy middle ground between the two tonight. We have to get ahead of the middle of the field, we have a good car that is probably the third fastest. But if we leave one or two cars in front of us, things “.

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