Formula 1 | McLaren F1: Norris and Ricciardo “felt” the evolutions of the MCL36

10th in FP1 and then 9th in FP2, Daniel Ricciardo had a trouble-free day behind the wheel of his McLaren F1 at Paul Ricard, managing to chain laps in his MCL36.

His car is also fitted with upgrades this weekend, and the Australian confirms he felt a difference behind the wheel.

“Yeah, you feel it. But you know, we’ve never driven on this circuit with these F1 cars, so we don’t really have any reference. So we can tell a difference, but it’s still hard to be specific. . .”

“However, I think we managed to make some progress in the afternoon, although we still have some analysis work to do tonight. But overall it was a good day – we did a lot of laps, and it wasn’t so hot in the car. , it was fine.”

Ricciardo admits he still doesn’t know whether his F1 will perform better in qualifying or the race this weekend.

“I don’t know yet. Of course I know our ranking in the session, 9th I think, but I still don’t know what our pace is in the long stays. I’m more concerned about finding the right setup and getting a better overall understanding. But no I’m worried. We have a new package and we still need time to get the most out of it.”

Norris is pleased to have…porpoise

If McLaren F1 has been relatively spared from the porpoise phenomenon since the start of the season, the MCL36 is starting to recover more and more and this was especially the case for Lando Norris today at Paul Ricard.

And while the Woking side brought in some major developments at the weekend, the Brit hopes the recovery means his side are moving in the right direction with development.

“In the last races we have done it many times. At Silverstone there have even been many,” he added. indicated Norris, sixth fastest in EL2.

“So it’s not a surprise or a shock. I hope it’s a good thing, because improving the car can lead to the porpoise. Apart from Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes seem to have had a lot, and obviously they are much more faster than us. Maybe Red Bull did it differently.”

“I think that when we try to improve the car, sometimes we expose ourselves to this phenomenon and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It can mean that we’re going in the right direction. So we’ll try to understand it and I hope. it turns out that it’s a good thing and not a bad thing.”

A time of adaptation necessary to understand the evolutions

While Ricciardo’s McLaren was fitted with the new features throughout the day, Norris’ only had them during the afternoon, allowing the team to compare their two setups for the MCL36 in the morning. But like his teammate, Norris has already noticed differences in driving during PR2.

“I wouldn’t say it was complicated. The feeling was a little different behind the wheel, you get used to things so quickly. As soon as something seems to be a little different, you have to understand why it’s happening or what’s being done. , then you have to master it and maximize it.”

“So there’s nothing right or wrong, it’s just that the car is limited to different places in the corners and you have to adapt.”

The Briton remains confident his team will unlock more performance tomorrow.

“I guess I have to catch up and compare all this with Daniel. But it was good to be able to compare the data today, so we can analyze everything tonight and hope to perform better tomorrow.”

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