Formula 1 | Hamilton hopes the FIA ​​will save him from migraines … and early retirement

In Mercedes, it must be assumed that the modifications imposed by the FIA ​​on the porpoise could push the Anglo-German F1 back in the hierarchy.

However, like his colleague George Russell, Lewis Hamilton, after suffering so much in Baku, he is also relieved. Health first …

This is not the a priori opinion of many other paddock drivers, including Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen, who today have been opposed to this FIA interventionism.

For Lewis Hamilton, were these drivers “forced” by his team to show a point of view at a press conference for political reasons? Would he accuse Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen of having a different discourse in front of the media than in private? This is what we can assume with your statements …

“It’s always interesting to see people’s perspectives and opinions from different angles. There’s something in front of you, and behind the scenes people sometimes say different things. »

“At the end of the day, safety is the most important thing and there is at least one driver in each team who has spoken about it. »

“I don’t think it has changed much, but there is a lot to do. »

“It’s good that the FIA ​​is working, because we have this car for years to come. So it’s not a matter of holding on to the rebounds for years to come, but to get rid of them completely, to fix them, so that the future drivers, all of us, no longer have back problems. »

Hamilton reveals the extent of the damage to his back

The Mercedes driver revealed the seriousness of the problem: with the back pain of the last Grand Prix, he probably would not have been able to respect the 10-second limit of car extraction.

” I do not think so. “

“It was unbearably painful at the time, so I’m grateful I was able to get over it.”

Lewis said he also carries 10G blows to his back and admits to suffering “Many more migraines” This year.

“But I didn’t see any specialists in that, so I didn’t take it too seriously, I just took painkillers. I hope I don’t have a concussion.”

Can the porpoise put Lewis Hamilton in retirement?

If the FIA ​​does not finally find the solution … Could Lewis Hamilton agree to stay in F1 with these conditions next year?

The question was also asked very directly at a press conference.

“Well, I guess we’ll fix it by the end of next year, at least.” »

“I hope it’s not something that will deter me from continuing to compete. But … time will tell. »

But precisely the British have hinted that lowering the height of the cavalcade will not be enough in the case of Mercedes … which can not go against the laws of physics.

“It’s more a question of the structure of the air flow under the car, so we passed the car very high most of the season and it wasn’t until Barcelona that we started to be able to lower it a bit; and we didn’t have a turn for the first time in Barcelona, ​​except for the high-speed riots. “

“Even when we got in the car [à Monaco et à Bakou], always bounces. And we can’t go higher, in fact. We are now limited by the rear suspension. »

“In the last race and in the previous ones, we got in the car, and you always have bounces. »

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