Formula 1 | Hamilton: “Fourth place has never felt so good”

Lewis Hamilton set the fourth fastest time in qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix. The Mercedes F1 driver has shown a wide smile after the disputed session on the drying track, and has admitted that this fourth place has been without a doubt the happiest he has signed in his career. With the feedback from the previous day’s tests, he hopes to materialize in the race.

“I’m incredibly well, I’m very happy” Hamilton said. “Fourth place has never felt so good, honestly. When I was in my first year in 2007, the day I got my first grade at that level seemed a bit like that to me.”

“It has been a difficult year and what we have experienced today has been difficult for everyone. I am very happy to have achieved this result. Everyone is working hard, we have been working in the car and yesterday we have taken two paths to get the information. “.

“The direction George took [Russell] it was just better. The car didn’t go very well during the sessions, so I think in the race we should be in a much better position. We have a slightly different setup for the race, but we’re in good shape. I hope we can stay in that position. “

He knows, however, that it will be difficult to sign a very good result: “With this car you need everything and more to get together. I like to think I have a rhythm, I feel like this car works at a totally different pace, it’s not normal! It’s hard to get used to it.”

“The rain helped a bit. I don’t know if we could have been in this position on a dry track. The rain offers opportunities and I like this track. We had difficulties and there is work tomorrow, but it’s positive, we have to keep giving- everything “.

The seven-time world champion believes that this result will encourage everyone in Mercedes: “I told the team ‘please keep giving it our all, we need you, I need you.’ We’re all working as hard as we can and I believe in them to overcome this porpoise.”

Russell does not regret a failed bet

George Russell had a hard time on the waterlogged pitch – his trademark technique was nowhere in sight today. The first sector, especially in the first two curves, was very slippery.

“Great risk, great reward” said Russell. “I think he was right on turn 1. I was amazed at how fast the transition to the dry was in Monaco. I had been surprised at other times by the speed of the transition.”

“It only takes half a dry track and everything changes. I think half the track was completely dry. Another quarter of the track had a small dry track and then the last quarter is” Volumes 1 and 2, s ‘was drying. just takes a corner. But in the end, we are here to fight for more. “

The Briton points out, however, that he should have perceived during his warm-up lap on slicks that the first sequence was not passable. But he says he does not regret this bet that could have offered him the pole position if it had paid off.

“I realized it would be very complicated, but I thought that with a warm-up lap that last lap could have been the right one. In retrospect, I probably should have pitted after the warm-up lap to get back to the intermediate , and that would have turned me around in the end to attack. “

“I’m glad I went there because it could have paid off. I want to fight for pole position. I’m not here just to be third or fourth. I think we had a good car. I saw the dry line appear but I just need to a corner to lose everything, and for me that was turn 1 and 2 “.

Wolff is “willing to take risks”

Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes F1, confirms that he was not at all worried about the outcome of this bet. He himself makes these kinds of decisions, which are risky but can be profitable. Unlike previous years, Mercedes is in a position to try this kind of thing.

“We are not fighting for the championship. So this is the time when you can take risks and I am willing to take risks, I am willing to make brave decisions.” Wolff assures. “He did and it could have been a moment of heroism.”

“It wasn’t, but I think you have to go get it when you’re where you are. I think if we had given Lewis a better strategy with a cooling lap, we would have been more advanced and maybe George probably would have been. a similar position “.

The Austrian is worried about a race that should take place dry: “I think we’re pretty good with the rain, but unfortunately the forecast is a big sun with warmer temperatures.”

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