Formula 1 | Hamilton: F1 riders are “shocked” by MotoGP

More than two years after their mount exchange (pictured), Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi participated in a cross-sectional interview. The F1 Mercedes rider revealed to the nine-time motorcycling world champion that, as a racing rider, he was amazed by the risks and stress of a MotoGP race.

“I think MotoGP is more hardcore” admits Hamilton. “These guys don’t have seat belts. When they have an accident, it’s huge. It’s hard for them to improve safety.”

“The fear factor for them is still there, and it’s been for years. Our sport is getting safer. We see MotoGP in shock. It’s nervous.”

Rossi will race this year in the GT World Challenge at the wheel of an Audi R8 GT3 of the Belgian WRT team. Thus, he will officially make his full-time debut on four wheels, after several rally tests especially, throughout his career.

“I’m excited about this new adventure, running in the car” said Rossi. “This is the second chapter of my career.”

Then Hamilton asked him: “When will you come to Formula 1?” To which Rossi replied: “Unfortunately, I’m too big!”

F1 and MotoGP are at the top of motorsport

Hamilton explained that he is passionate about two wheels, both in competition and on the road: “I’ve always liked motorcycles. When I was little I wanted to ride motorcycles, not cars. But my dad wouldn’t let me ride motorcycles, he said it was too dangerous!”

“He was the one who introduced me to all four wheels. It was the right choice, because if I had run during the period that Vale was there, I wouldn’t have been so successful. Since I’m in Formula 1 I have a great bike and I like to do track days. It’s fascinating. It gives a different perspective. “

Rossi himself is a big fan of F1 and motorsport. He explains that there is mutual respect between the two types of pilots: “All MotoGP riders love Formula 1, and Formula 1 riders love MotoGP. The two sports are at the top of motorsport and are very close.”

“Driving a car or riding a motorbike? It’s different, but it’s partly the same. The trajectories are similar, as is the braking. You have to be fast. If you can drive a car, you can also ride a motorbike, you can ride a motorbike. and vice versa. “

The habit of speed is felt with all vehicles

Hamilton joins Rossi to explain that for any driver, being used to speed puts him at ease in all circumstances: “Our ability is to adapt. On a motorcycle you see lines you wouldn’t normally take in a car.”

“The braking is different, but the goal is to get through as fast as possible. We adapt, that’s what we do best. It’s second nature. I’ve been on a fighter jet and even that seemed natural!”

Rossi has never tried to be a passenger on a fighter jet, but he would like to try it, although he admits he did. “very scared”. Hamilton tried to reassure him by telling him the feeling on a plane.

“The perception of speed is different. You’re faster but you don’t feel as fast as with a motorcycle on the ground. On a plane I fainted. I had caught 8G and wasn’t wearing anti-G suit…”

Rossi finally concluded how he gained confidence in a motorcycle thanks to his speed habit: “Speed ​​is exciting. It’s something you’re used to.”

“The first time you try MotoGP you think it’s impossible, but you progress. Your brain reacts. It’s a fantastic feeling. You do something very dangerous but with the feeling that, more or less, everything is under control.”

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