Formula 1 | Hakkinen: The Verstappen-Red Bull duo is too strong

With a 46- and 49-point lead, respectively, over teammate Sergio Pérez and Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen seems to have a way to go to claim his second Formula One title this season, all after securing the his sixth hit of the year in Canada.

He himself crowned in 1998 and 1999, Mika Hakkinen is impressed by the combination of Red Bull and the Dutchman this season. The Finn wonders if it will be possible to beat the Austrian team, but remembers that he still has one weakness: reliability.

“There was no doubt that Max Verstappen had control of the championship ahead of this weekend, and the Montreal result confirmed that the Red Bull package is too strong right now. They are fast in line, they have a good balance in the car., and Max is clearly able to run it on any type of circuit.Montreal is a track that requires a bit of everything: braking confidence and performance on slow stretches, and good traction for straights to move forward. And Max was brilliant. everywhere. “

“The only problem with Red Bull seems to be reliability. Once again we saw Sergio Pérez having a problem in the race. He had to make the team nervous because Max had to take full advantage of the bottom line of his rival Charles Leclerc , so it’s a good result and probably a relief. Reliability is the only thing to worry about in Max, Checo and the whole team. “

Ferrari can win if it improves reliability

Charles Leclerc retired with an engine problem in Spain and then in Azerbaijan when he was leading every time, then came out from the back row in Canada after suffering several engine penalties.

Thus, Hakkinen encourages Ferrari to quickly fix its reliability issues if it wants to cause more problems at Red Bull.

“Ferrari has a fast but fragile car. Manager Mattia Binotto is right to say that it is better to have a fast car with reliability problems than a slow car that finishes the races. If the team manages to solve the problems, Charles and Carlos will return “It’s a problem for Red Bull, although the 49 – point difference between Max and Charles will not be easy to close. Not only does Ferrari need to win races, it also needs Max to have problems.”

Mercedes F1 has taken a step

Hakkinen does not forget Mercedes F1, which showed a very interesting level of performance in Montreal.

“Mercedes has something that is missing from both Red Bull and Ferrari: reliability! They are fast enough to be the third fastest team consistently and manage to recover good points when Red Bull or Ferrari have problems. A step forward in terms of in the setup of the race. The team tried new things in the car, which sometimes made it very complicated for the drivers, but their Sunday was positive. “

“This year’s F1 porpoise has really become a big problem, it’s affecting some teams more than others. It’s good to see how the FIA ​​listens to the safety concerns of drivers and, as usual, the best way to solve the problem is to measure what is happening and make decisions based on the data collected.Of course, some teams want a change, especially if the porpoise makes their car uncompetitive.But once the FIA , teams and drivers will have a clear idea of ​​what is going on, so the right steps can be taken. “

Alonso more than 20 years later

Mika Hakkinen retired from Formula 1 in 2001, the same year that Fernando Alonso made his debut in the discipline. And the Finn was impressed to see the Spaniard on the front line in Montreal at over forty.

“Fernando started in Formula 1 in the year of my last season, so it was amazing to see him in the front row more than twenty years later! He still loves to run in F1 and made the most of the difficult conditions. on Saturday to finish second in Formula 1. the grid It takes a lot of physical and mental strength and endurance to stay so competitive at this level, so it was no small feat that Fernando managed to fight for pole position. ” .

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