Formula 1 | Hakkinen: Like Sainz, I had to wait 7 years to win F1

Double Formula 1 world champion Mika Häkkinen, crowned in 1998 and 1999 with McLaren-Mercedes, as we have all witnessed Guanyu Zhou’s spectacular but fortunately harmless accident at Silverstone this weekend. This incredible accident, as well as the Formula 2 incident, reminds us that motoring remains a very dangerous discipline.

The Finn, however, wanted to highlight the progress made by the FIA ​​in terms of driver safety. While, of course, there is still work to be done to prevent such incidents from happening again, the fact that no one has been injured is very good news.

“It’s the kind of accident the FIA ​​and the teams are prepared for. All the security systems did their job, and even though Guanyu’s car overturned and got stuck against the fence, everything went go well.It was a very spectacular accident., the kind that can happen when there are multiple collisions.

“There is no doubt that the halo probably saved his life, or at least protected him from serious injury. Since its introduction by the FIA ​​in 2018, we have seen the halo protect riders on several occasions. “In Monza last year, for example, where Max Verstappen landed in the cabin of Lewis Hamilton ‘s Mercedes, but Sunday’ s crash was really significant.”

“It seemed to me, both in the videos and in the photos of the damaged car, that the anti-roll bar designed to protect the driver’s head had been torn. No doubt the team and the FIA ​​will study the damage and the damage. But what needs to be remembered is that even though the car was upside down, and still moving at a very high speed, Guanyu was protected at all times by the titanium halo and the high sides of the cab. so simple but life-saving. Congratulations to the FIA ​​and particularly to former President Jean Todt, as well as the late Charlie Whiting, who pushed for its introduction. “

Like Carlos Sainz, Mika Hakkinen had to wait seven years to win F1

Seven years and 150 races: this is the time and number of events that Carlos Sainz needed to get his first victory in Formula 1 and, incidentally, his first pole position.

And if the Spaniard has taken the time to put his name on the prestigious list of Grand Prix winners, Häkkinen recalls that the Ferrari driver is not the first to have to be patient before experiencing success .

“Like Carlos, I had to wait seven years to get my first victory in Formula 1, so I know how happy and relieved he will be. It’s a great success to win your first F1 race. Those years of hard work Carlos is a very popular and clearly very talented guy, but he faces Charles Leclerc and is a bit in his shadow. in himself and in his abilities after that “.

“Ferrari doubted his strategy, allowing Carlos and Charles to fight, which took them a while and allowed Lewis Hamilton to get closer. Listening to his radio communications, we saw that Ferrari wanted to try to help Charles to win the race because his car had some damage I think the way Carlos handled the situation and took the lead with his colder tires after the safety car was shiny “But Ferrari needs a clear team strategy in every race if he wants to challenge Red Bull in the second half of the season. . “

“I would also like to highlight the quality of the races and driving we saw on Sunday. It was an incredible publicity for Formula 1 to see drivers Carlos and Max and then Charles and Lewis win it in the hardest way but in a loyal way, leaving enough space every time. We really have an amazing group of F1 drivers these days. “

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