Formula 1 | Haas F1: first “special” points for Schumacher at Silverstone

Mick Schumacher has finally opened his Formula One points counter this Sunday at Silverstone, during the British Grand Prix. The Haas F1 driver struggled with Max Verstappen at the end of the race, but was two-tenths behind the Red Bull driver.

“Yeah, it was good! Especially the last two rounds with Max, it was tough and interesting, it showed me what it was like to fight him, for future battles I hope” said the German, celebrating the fact that the Haas VF-22 remains competitive despite the lack of upgrades.

“Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. developments, we will be able to take a step forward and be more competitive in the peloton “.

The week was very familiar to Haas, as he was accompanied by his mother Corinna and his sister Gina Maria, who congratulated him on the radio. In addition, the team made a great meal with all the families, for the race near their factory, and Schumacher is happy to reward his team.

“It’s great, we’ve had a family day this week and we’ve had family members, it’s like our home for everyone, and it’s special to be able to do it here. I also want to mention that seeing Seb driving Nigel Mansell’s car goes be amazing. For me. Hopefully next time we can compete with old cars together! “

Vettel praises Schumacher’s result

Schumacher made the mention of Sebastian Vettel as his compatriot and mentor joined him during the interview, to congratulate him on his eighth place. Vettel was ahead of him and Verstappen at the restart, but his average tires prevented him from fighting. Thus he was able to witness the fight between his two executioners.

“I was very happy for him, I saw what happened, he was approaching, and I shouted in the car ‘go Mick, go Mick!’. It’s been a long time, he deserves this result and it’s good that he has it. “ said the four-time world champion.

“When I saw him come out after the restart, I saw that he and Max were going with soft tires, I knew I couldn’t resist. I was hoping to be able to fight and get them at the end of the race, but they were too fast. It was very entertaining to see them try every turn on turn 15, side by side, and sometimes on turn 6 and the Wellington straight. “

Magnussen admits a strategic mistake at the end of the race

Kevin Magnussen completed the good overall result of Haas F1 with tenth place. The Dane tried to stay on the right track when the safety car intervened and admits it was a mistake, having made the decision himself.

“It was a good race, quite hectic! The first laps were crazy, we had a good pace. Mick was faster and he was able to overtake me on the DRS train.” said Magnussen.

“Then we put on the means and I felt better with this set of tires. The safety car came out and I made the wrong decision not to enter, it was my choice. But I was afraid to come out last and I made it”. I do not want. But it’s a good day, we both end up on points. “

Almost three years without putting the two cars to the points

He confirms that its director, Günther Steiner, is very happy with this result, “Günther is very happy, he’s in seventh heaven, it’s been a long time since Haas scored two cars in the points. And at this time of year, with the same car we had in the winter tests, it’s good to be all two to the points. “

Magnussen is delighted to bring his team a good result, the first double points since the 2019 German GP: “It’s good for the team, it’s very good. They know the car is good, everyone was disappointed with the last few races, but it’s just that things weren’t going our way.

“For Mick it will be a real boost of confidence. He has had a difficult start to the year, and in the data he sees that he is at the same level as me, and I tell everyone that he will do well, that he will do it. Rhythm”.

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