Formula 1 | Gasly spoke internally with Tsunoda about the Silverstone incident

With no changes, AlphaTauri had a good chance to play last weekend at Silverstone. The two cars were at the points where debris was produced …

Yuki Tsunoda tried to pass Pierre Gasly to Village. The Frenchman had given in and yet his teammate left the two sister cars out of the game. A mistake that Yuki Tsunoda had to make.

So Pierre Gasly is trying to keep the Silverstone positive ahead of the weekend in the Red Bull Ring. At least AlphaTauri was about to retrieve the furniture. So the incident is closed with Tsunoda?

“Having seen the British Grand Prix, I can say that it was a brilliant afternoon for motoring enthusiasts and a test that the sport has done a great job of safety over the years. I am very glad that no one has result seriously injured, because it was a moment of fear. “

“From our point of view, after working hard to turn things around in the standings and reach the seventh position of the race, it was another missed opportunity. Colleagues should never run into each other, but on Sunday night we sat down as a team to talk about it and immediately moved on to planning for the next Austrian Grand Prix. »

On paper, the Red Bull Ring shouldn’t really adapt to the AlphaTauri, especially without changes, Pierre Gasly continues.

“It’s a home race for Red Bull, so while there’s no extra pressure, everyone on the team is eager to do well. I finished on points three times in the Red Bull Ring. It is a very fast track, especially the second and third sector, and it is the type of circuit that has been a bit complicated for us since the beginning of the year. On the other hand, we have learned a lot from racing so far and we can try to improve the car in these conditions and move forward. »

“We will have to have a perfect weekend because we have had some problems since the start of the season, and it will be important for our package to work well on tracks that, on paper, do not go well for us. If we do our best, we will be able to take advantage of opportunities when they come out. »

Tsunoda wants to move forward

Yuki Tsunoda shouldn’t have had a good day. After a mistake in Montreal (error at the exit of the stands), another at Silverstone, he must avoid making the pass of three this weekend in Austria … while his contract for the next year is not yet signed.

“I’m happy to be able to resume the competition after a few days to leave the Silverstone race behind. The only highlight of this weekend was on Saturday afternoon, when we worked well in rainy conditions to qualify. “It’s better than we expected, considering how it went on Friday.”

“I couldn’t do anything about the collision after the start and then, unfortunately, I had the incident with Pierre. We talked about it as a team and now we’re moving on. »

“I love all the fun things Red Bull does for us on the weekends, but even though it’s a home race for the company, I don’t think we’re going too crazy. Scheduled for this year, Austria will be the second race. “We’ll focus entirely on making up for Silverstone’s disappointment.”

“I enjoyed this race last year, reaching Q3 and scoring a point for my tenth place. And going back further, I finished second in Formula 2. It’s a short lap in terms of time, just over a minute. This weekend can be a little difficult for us, because I’m not sure the high speeds fit well in our car. Our level of performance has been different on different circuits, so you never know what to expect. It is not a difficult circuit to mount the car and an average aerodynamic force configuration is used for the high speed sections. Looking at our performance last year, I think we can be very competitive. »

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