Formula 1 | Ferrari and Mercedes promise not to complicate Volkswagen’s entry into F1

While the arrival of Porsche and Audi in F1 seems only a matter of time, the official announcement will await final approval of the regulations for the next power unit for 2026.

Porsche was even due to make the announcement at the Red Bull Ring this weekend, but the last F1 Commission meeting postponed the decision.

What is blocking? Are these perhaps the concessions planned for newcomers? Like the extension to the test bench … Or more simply, do current manufacturers believe that the longer the regulations are delayed, the harder it will be for the Volkswagen Group to succeed in its entry?

Obviously, Mattia Binotto, for Ferrari, denies any ill will. He also recalls that the abandonment of the MGU-H, a complex part, is proof that Maranello has nothing against the Volkswagen threat.

“We are very pleased that Audi and Porsche are joining F1.”

“We are very positive because it is great for F1, it is great to have more manufacturers. And it’s great to have the VW group in our F1 championship. »

“So we did our best to try to adapt and make sure they were happy. We took out the MGU-H, we just did it to try to help them get into F1, and I think for us deleting that part may not be the best option. ”

“It’s a commitment because it’s a technology we know quite well. It is a high efficiency technology, ideal for F1. So I think in general we are very positive and constructive. »

“Now why does it take so long?” Because that’s the time it takes to do these things right. And we are simply not ready at the moment. Not just us as current manufacturers, but the FIA, because they are the ones leading the discussions. »

“And also, I think for Audi and Porsche, the current regulations are not yet ready. These are still open points for discussion. And these open points simply need to be addressed, discussed and approved. »

In unison with Mattia Binotto, Toto Wolff swears that Mercedes would also like the regulation of the power unit to be approved as soon as possible …

“On the contrary, we do not want to delay this regulation, but we want them to be in force. »

“We dropped the MGU-H, which was a big step in accommodating newcomers.”

“And anyway, they told us at the end of the year [2021]we will have confirmation that they [Volkswagen] get to F1. This confirmation has not been given to date, I do not know why. »

Toto Wolff returns the ball to Porsche and Audi: but what are they waiting for to come?

“It’s an environment where the rules will change all the time, so you can’t make it dependent on the rules.”

“We’ve made great strides toward them. And then we’ll do the final stages of regulation. It’s the details that matter, and that doesn’t matter if we’re talking about 50 more hours of equipment for a newcomer.”

“But we would like them to be part of the show. They have been sitting at the table negotiating these deals for a long time, but they have yet to commit. »

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