Formula 1 | F1 Calendar: Yes in South Africa, but you have to find the right balance

Although Formula 1 would like to return South Africa to the calendar for the 2023 season, it will not be possible to please everyone and certain historic races, such as the Spa, will be threatened and forced to agree to organize. an event alternately.

Should we preserve the DNA of historical facts or should we accept that sport is evolving and going to new countries without history with discipline? Team officials tried to answer this delicate question in the Montreal paddock.

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren F1, believes it “We have a rich problem because more and more countries want to be on the calendar, that’s a good problem. After all, I think we all trust Stefano (Domenicali) to put in place the optimal calendar for the fans, equipment, and to ensure sustainability from a logistical and economic point of view. “

“I think at some point we’re going to have to take a rational stand because if there’s so much demand for supercountries and supercircuits, then I think we’re going to have to accommodate them. But that would be too much. They’ve arrived: Las Vegas, Miami and … I think we all love historic tracks, so hopefully there’s a way to accommodate everyone with an adaptable and flexible schedule in the future. “

In Williams F1, Jost Capito thinks so “A lot of new and exciting races. But on the other hand, the riders like a traditional circuit like Spa. The teams don’t have too much time, but the schedule should combine new races with the traditional ones. They also trust Stefano, who has been in Formula 1 long enough to know the importance of these traditional races.

For the director of Alfa Romeo, Frédéric Vasseur, “F1 is a world championship and I think it would make a lot of sense to have a race in Africa in Kyalami, which I think would be a great event. We don’t want to see a competition between Spa and Kyalami, but as Zak said. It’s good to see a lot of races wanting to enter the calendar, it wasn’t like that a few years ago and we have to thank the work done by the FOM and the FIA. “

Along with AlphaTauri, Franz Tost would also welcome the return of F1 to South Africa: “We miss the races on this continent. And it’s very important to do a race there. As for the other races, I don’t want to mention any names. No money, no races, it’s that simple. If they have money, we’ll go. If they don’t, we won’t go. “

In Aston Martin F1, Mike Krack supports “A balanced schedule, I think they are aware of the position of the fans, and there needs to be a balance between new and classic events. So I think it’s not a drama if a race doesn’t show up every year. on the calendar We can’t have a 35 race calendar.

Otmar Szafnaeur (Alpine F1) concludes by stating that “F1 has to find the right balance as said before. Personally, I love going to the Spa circuit. So I hope this one stays.”

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