Formula 1 | At Haas F1, Steiner ‘never stopped saying keep your head up’

After a difficult 2021 season during which Haas F1 used an outdated and outdated single-seater, the American team was able to take advantage of the arrival of new regulations to regain color this season, scoring 34 points after 13 Contested Grand Prix while keeping your score. blank last year.

G√ľnter Steiner, the team manager, is necessarily pleased with the progress of his troops this year. And beyond satisfaction, we can talk about relief.

“You know right now you don’t realize what’s going on. Maybe in a few years I’ll realize everything that’s happened. This team has had its ups and downs and all those things that we realized.. . maybe looking back. we’ll be like ‘wow, how did we manage all this?’ But it didn’t happen overnight, we did it step by step.”

“I’m glad it’s going so well, because I was telling the team ‘keep your head, keep going’, and when you get results you’re like ‘wow, I didn’t do it. talk shit to them!’ And that was also for me, because I don’t like to promise things that don’t come true.”

“I believed in it, but we had no guarantee that it would turn out like this to be honest. When I saw that everything was going well, I said, ‘Thank God, at least people know why I worked so hard.’ He held his head high for a long time. poor season 2021”.

“Finishing fifth in Bahrain was a good moment. Because we came back after two years of crap, you know?”

Haas F1 has had many starts this winter

If Steiner ever lost faith, unfortunately so did some members of the team who left the stable over the winter. But while other members doubted, that would no longer be the case.

“There are people who left, I’d say we had 20% more turnover than other years. There were a number of reasons for that, but I’m sure some people didn’t think we’d be back. They weren’t there for long time. time, the older ones mostly stayed because I think they believed in the team and liked the atmosphere inside, most of them anyway.”

“We have a good group of people who have been there since day 1 or 2. I think that shows that they believed in the project, but I wouldn’t say it was difficult because I always said that if someone wanted to escape, there was no point trying to contain them . You can explain to them what you’re trying to achieve, but I wouldn’t give money to someone who no longer believes in it.”

“And I’m not mad either, moves have to be made because while people are out, others are calling us now to ask if they can come back because they realized the grass wasn’t necessarily greener back home neighbor”.

“So they joined other teams, but now they’re contacting us, saying ‘oh, if there’s a vacancy, will you consider me?’ ‘For sure !’ If there’s a position available, I don’t hold a grudge. If you went somewhere else you thought would be better or would allow you to advance your career, that’s fine with me.”

Steiner expects Haas F1 to challenge for podiums in 2024 or 2025

If Haas F1 continues to operate below the limited budget threshold, Steiner hopes this will not be the case in 2023 thanks to the additional income the team will receive at the end of the season, thanks to its classification in the constructors’ championship.

He currently sits in seventh place with a few points ahead of AlphaTauri and Aston Martin F1, but the Austrian leader has his sights set even further.

“I think when the current regulations end, in 2024 or 2025, we won’t be winning races, but hopefully we’ll be fighting for podiums. That’s the goal. But the other teams are given the same opportunity, they have to respect the limit as well budget, let’s not forget it.”

“We have to keep doing a good job. And that’s the problem we have to face now: it’s up to us as a technical team to make sure we get the results we want. There will be no more financial problems.”

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