Formula 1 | Aston Martin F1: “Too soon” to judge the contribution of AMR22 developments

Like many other teams, the Aston Martin F1 made major changes to its AMR22 last month in Barcelona, ​​and it looks like the team is progressing like the beautiful sixth place won by Sebastian Vettel in the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

Therefore, through its performance director Tom McCullough, the Silverstone-based team is reviewing these developments after three races using them.

“We are actually evolving the car from one race to another, but as you mentioned, the most important innovations have been the sides and the diffuser that are very visible from Barcelona.” said McCullough.

“Now we have competed in Barcelona, ​​Monaco and then Baku, three very different circuits that require very different things from the car. With the constant development around the car, we have seen that it was becoming easier to work on it. We can use a larger operating window “.

“It allows us to: focus on optimizing the car in a more traditional way during a race weekend, get more performance out of the tires, better understand the grip or get the right setup. It’s kind of back to normal. “.

“At the beginning of the year we were very overwhelmed by certain features that got us stuck on the side of the setup, so it was a lot more fun and a lot easier. But there’s still a lot of work to be done.

It is still too early to know the true level of advanced AMR22

What is the real potential of this “new” AMR22 according to McCullough?

“I think the potential is there for everyone on the grid right now. It’s because of the new regulations. We’ve started the season in a certain way, and we’ve changed it a little bit, but all the news that has come “The ones that come in are exciting for the future. But you know, no one will be left out, so we’ll try to be as competitive as possible.”

The engineer, however, believes it is still too early to list the strengths and weaknesses of this F1.

“So far we’ve tested it on three different circuits, so we’re still learning to be honest. I think we have a wider operating window when it comes to car setup. A must for Barcelona, ​​as the circuit is fast, but also for Monaco and Baku, where there are many slower sections. “

“That would say we have more freedom. We can experiment with the car and we’re not stuck at some point due to some issues. So it’s back to being a slightly more normal car with an operating window that we can work with.”

The internal rivalry between Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel

With 13 points scored in the championship against 2 by teammate Lance Stroll, Sebastian Vettel seems to have prevailed internally this season, when he had some difficulties for his first year with the team in 2021. McCullough he also returns to the team. The first 18 months of German in the Aston Martin F1.

“A year ago, in his first two or three races for us, it was difficult for him to get used to our car. So the first test in Bahrain was very difficult for him, but three or four races later, in Monaco, I think he has regained all his ease, he has always been strong on the street circuit, also in Baku, he has been on the podium several times, as you know, he is comfortable in the team, and I would say that “He enjoys working with us since the middle of last season. He loves this work environment we offer him and we love working with him as well.”

This season we are witnessing strong internal rivalries between the different teams, especially Red Bull, where Sergio Pérez has increased his level of play to get closer to Max Verstappen. Does McCullough see anything like Aston Martin F1 in 2022? And is the AMR22 suitable for both pilots?

“In fact, our two drivers have very similar requirements for the car, which is very useful. It’s interesting that you mention Sergio. We’ve worked with him for many years and he’s very talented, but suddenly you’re in Red Bull with Max. Verstappen “Your teammate must be discouraged. But I’m very happy to see him build a good relationship with his team, you have to make the most of yourself.”

“If we look at the numbers, how many times our drivers scored points last year, how far they were in the standings, this year we see the same thing. Of course, the start was more complicated for Seb “We are very happy with our current situation. We are very happy with our current situation.”

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