Formula 1 | Aston Martin F1 only has a “small group” still working on the AMR22

Aston Martin F1 director Mike Krack has revealed that most of the team’s staff are now concentrating on the 2023 single-seater, with few people still working on the current AMR22.

The Silverstone-based team made major upgrades for the Spanish Grand Prix, which have since allowed it to finish in the top 10 more consistently.

But after 13 races this season, Aston Martin is only ninth in the constructors’ championship. Hence the desire to work on the next single-seater that will aim to do much better than its predecessor.

“While we need to continue to improve the performance of AMR22, we still have a small group working on it, we have already turned our attention to AMR23.” said Krack.

“We have been focusing on the AMR23 for some time because this car will have to perform from the start. A new season and a new car is the biggest opportunity there is to gain an advantage over our competitors.

With the introduction of new aerodynamic regulations this season, teams regularly make changes to correct the original flaws of their single-seaters.

Krack says observers think the Aston Martin F1 updates “It didn’t work because we didn’t go up in the standings,” but insists that they have brought gains, “Not enough to catch up.”

“We have been wrongly accused of copying Red Bull”

The Luxembourger also praised his team’s ability to innovate with its new rear wing unveiled in Hungary, responding to accusations that Aston Martin had copied some of Red Bull’s design earlier in the season.

“We’ve been wrongly accused of copying this season, and the new rear wing we brought to the Hungarian Grand Prix underlined our ability to innovate, to come up with ideas that our opponents hadn’t thought of, which steals the prominence”.

“A lot of people think it’s easy to design a new wing, build it and then put it on the car. But if you look at this wing, or every evolution we bring to the car, the way everything is designed and produced, it’s a way of “art”.

“Also, it’s not enough to build just one, you have to build three or four to the same specifications to have spares for both cars.”

“We made a major improvement at the Spanish Grand Prix with new sidepods, new floor, new hood, changes to the front suspensions, but to get enough parts in time for both cars… I’ve never seen anything like it. be an amazing achievement by the entire team.”

Construction on the new factory is underway on the Silverstone site, and construction on the new wind tunnel should begin in early 2023 to be operational by 2024, according to Krack.

“As soon as the first building is completed – which is planned for early next year, it will house the design, manufacturing and marketing resources – the existing factory will be demolished so that the buildings that house the new tunnel can be built of wind”.

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