Formula 1 | Aston Martin F1 is still waiting for Vettel’s decision

Aston Martin F1 principal Mike Krack has sung the praises of Sebastian Vettel as the team await the driver’s decision on whether to continue with them in 2023.

Vettel’s current deal with Aston Martin runs out at the end of the 2022 season, with the ball seemingly in the four-time world champion’s court as to whether or not he wants to continue with the team.

Rumors have circulated throughout the season that it could be Vettel’s last year in F1, given his growing interest in environmental causes away from the sport, as well as a young family back home in Switzerland.

“I really hope he stays with us. The next few weeks will tell.” says today

“It has yet to be decided, but when you saw him in Baku (where Vettel finished sixth), when you saw him in Canada, as soon as the car was a little bit lively and competitive, you saw the fire in his eyes. and you could hear on the radio or in the briefings that there was total focus.”

“When you meet him, when you listen to him, he’s there. You could tell he was happy and you could really feel that he loved what he was doing. And I hope he continues to do that. TO DO.”

With the AMR22 proving to be one of the slowest cars on the grid, Krack admits Vettel’s professionalism in the disappointments helps keep the team motivated.

“He handles it in a very professional way. He knows very well that after some disappointing results the team is down, everyone is down. It would be very easy for him to come in and get frustrated and make comments even more frustrating. for everybody because a lot of drivers can’t hide their frustration. They just take it out on the team or the press. Sebastian doesn’t. He’s very self-critical.”

“If he thinks he played a part in the result, he’s not too proud to say it. If he thinks the car wasn’t where it should be, he says it, but that’s always constructive. He’s really a great asset because he’s it’s times like these that you see the real strengths you have with people like that, not the good times.”

Krack also revealed that there are times when Vettel produces lap times that surprise the team.

“It’s what you expect from a top-level driver, so we’re not surprised. We’re more surprised on the rare occasion he doesn’t. But sometimes he does tricks that seem impossible to us. We’re very aware of the diamond we have “.

“That’s also why I think it’s very unfair, that people have been talking to him about retirement since Melbourne and all that sort of thing. He’s only 35! So I think he’s got a lot of years where he can really succeed if he has a car that he can do that, which he can’t. In my opinion, it’s very unfair.”

Krack worked alongside Vettel around fifteen years ago, at BMW Sauber, when he first started.

“He’s become a lot more reflective. Obviously after 15 years we all are. We’re all different at 35 than at 20. He’s got a lot of life experience because F1 also increases a bit in terms of ageing, I think. !”

“But a lot of what he is today is very similar to what he was in the past. But now he also has different ideas and different opinions. You see that you are talking to a much more mature person than at that time, but we must also not forget that we’re also 15 years older on the clock.”

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