Formula 1 | Alternative GP: Sainz’s idea to save Spa and Le Castellet

The F1 calendar could soon increase to 25 races, with new destinations on the agenda: South Africa, Las Vegas, maybe a return to China … In short, F1 can expand everywhere.

That means making room on the calendar: and sacrificing the European Grand Prix that remain the most numerous. In addition, France and Belgium are threatened with withdrawal from next year.

Among the riders, losing Spa, one of the most popular circuits, is already the subject of debate. Especially at Ferrari.

Carlos Sainz thus puts himself in Stefano Domenicali’s place: how to reconcile the old and the modern, Europe and the New World?

“Yes, we have to find a compromise, because in the end we all like to go to France, to Spa, but at the same time the sport is developing so much that I guess there are a lot of new places that pay a lot of money to be part of Formula 1. And it’s hard, from a business standpoint, to say no, especially overseas: Las Vegas, South Africa, Miami, there are some really interesting new places to go and I’m ‘I’m fine with going- there, but at the same time we have to keep the schedule of less than 25 races. ”

“Otherwise, it will go a little crazy for everyone, even for mechanics, engineers and drivers. That may be too much, so new circuits are welcome, but others are sure to go.”

But as Spa remains a legend on the calendar, you have to do your best not to sacrifice the past to the future.

Carlos Sainz then launched a solution: organize Grand Prix alternately to keep Paul Ricard and Spa.

“The best commitment would be to do the rotation and I understand that we could … or maybe France or Spa may not be able to afford to be on the calendar every year, but I hope we can at least go there every two years. Or every three years , to go to Spa with a Formula 1 car. I just wish that even if it is confirmed Las Vegas, South Africa, whatever comes, we can always return to France or Spa from time to time to continue enjoying. perhaps in this way, with alternation, they can be afforded a little more easily. ‘

Circuit ideas launched by Magnussen and Tsunoda

Losing Spa and Le Castellet on the calendar, would that also affect a driver like Kevin Magnussen in Haas? The Dane would prefer, to listen to him, to continue developing the presence of F1 in the USA, and gives some clues …

“Yes, as Esteban said, nothing is confirmed, so it doesn’t make much sense to speculate, but there are many good circuits in the world where I would like to drive a Formula 1. Many of them may not. Be realistic , but there are American circuits that I tested last year and I would love to test them with one of these F1s. ”

“I would say Watkins Glen is a great circuit and I think Formula 1 cars could run there, maybe not from a safety point of view. Road America is great and there are even places like … less realistic places like Mid-Ohio that I really liked, small places that are so crazy. »

“It’s good when Formula 1 goes to a bit extreme. We went to Mugello a few years ago, and it was something else, something we’re not used to living and it’s a lot of fun. We’re race drivers, we love driving cars on crazy tracks, but there are a lot of things to keep in mind when choosing tracks for Formula 1 racing. ”

Yuki Tsunoda offers him Grand Prix in Japan, in addition to Suzuka.

“Spa is a historic track and I think it’s an old school track, it’s an amazing track. So yes, personally, I really like this circuit. »

“I probably recommend Japan, of course. There’s Fuji Speedway with a ridiculously long straight of about two miles. And there’s a chance to overtake easily if we have the DRS there, so yes.”

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